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Your posture gives a lot away about how you are feeling, your levels of stress, your health and translates into the image you portray. Your posture can either illustrate your confidence or portray your unease which can translate into business success or failure. Ever watched someone on stage or on YouTube narrating a story, inviting you to connect and you have felt instantly repelled? Are you drawn to those who look at the floor, mumble or look terrified? How long do you think the human brain has to make a decision whether to like, love or distrust? Standing tall gives you instant confidence, turn good posture into a habit and your healthy body will move freely, think clearly and radically improve your productivity.

Your posture speaks volumes about the confidence you have in yourself and in your business. Speak up, stand tall and ooze confidence both to yourself and your audience and you will reap the benefits for improved health and successful flourish business.

Your posture affects your energy levels, your digestion, your circulation, and your respiratory systems. Consistently bad posture leads to a painful incorrect biomechanical movement which will impede your mobility as well as increasing your likelihood of a fall or a sports injury.  Most importantly bad posture has a dramatic effect on your immunity, your ability to fight off coughs, colds, and more serious illnesses.  Holding yourself crooked for long periods of time will stop your body from functioning at an optimum level.

Hunching is not an inevitable part of life

Perhaps you have assumed that slouching is an inevitable part of an ageing process or inevitable because of the work/life balance? Or feeling stiff and sore early in the morning is unavoidable?

Whether you are creating bad posture from consistently working for long hours at a desk, answer emails from a slouched couch position whilst relaxing at the end of the day. Bad posture will hold the pain and discomfort of that posture in your body. Constantly niggling pain from bad posture is a drain on your body’s precious resources.

Slouching squeezes and holds your muscles and your organs in a distended or tight and restrained position which disrupts their function. Rounding your shoulders constricts your chest, preventing oxygen from circulating around your body and entering your cells leading to oxygen depletion, tiredness and thwarts your immune response. Simply put you will feel physically tired from spending your energy attempting to work around bad posture.

Bad posture zaps your body of energy and it won’t function optimally and yet it is the one big component of your health that you can have a direct impact on. In the longer term how you treat your body from day to day will affect your health now and affect how you feel and look as you age

Bad posture creates brain fog

Slouching for hours over a desk will affect the rest of your day, and arguably the rest of your week and let’s be dramatic about this perhaps even your life! You know that you should be getting up every half an hour to grab a glass of water. Stuck in the same position for hours, your metabolism slows down and your breathing becomes very shallow.  You begin to get brain fog simply because of an oxygen deficit.

Listen to your body’s messages.

Begin to change the way you move and sit and enhance your health by firstly listening to your body. Perhaps you haven’t made the connection with your body, your body functions, your cells, and your posture? The odd twinge and ache is something you have ignored. Yet these twinges are the messages that muscles misfiring, which over time will affect your posture, your gait and inevitable create a movement pattern that will inflict greater discomfort and injury.

The clues lie in the detail – perhaps you find yourself unable to move once or twice a year because you have thrown your back out? Or perhaps you get headaches with enough regularity that you keep buying paracetamol with every weekly shop? Do you have a dodgy knee or do you sprain your ankles or trip or even fall over or into things regularly?

A slight niggle here and there is something you probably ignore but what does it really mean? How you feel is the earliest indicator of your health on a cellular level.

Simple postural techniques will help you to maintain great health, keep you supple and hold balance and alignment in your body. Therefore your body can work on providing a favourable environment for you to feel clear-headed, pain-free and energised.

You can achieve better balance, gain a leaner body, feel more poised and less stressed simply by practising good posture.  Making some small changes and being aware of your posture will dramatically improve your well being.

“Making a commitment to monitor your posture in the long-term will have a profound effect on your life.”

It isn’t just sitting still – it is those awkward movements that hold your body in a crooked position during your entire day.

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Create great posture

Posture is a plumb line from your ear, shoulder, hip, and knee to your ankle. Look at yourself in the mirror and notice. Be aware of how you sit at a desk – bring your elbows at a right angle to your forearm, hip in line with the knee – you may need to raise your feet. Movement rather than exercise is paramount to your health. Walking aids the function of your heart. Your heart is a pump, a muscular pump but it is assisted by the movement of your arms and legs when walking to pump fluids around your body.

Be vigilant, awareness brings knowledge and correction.

Pilates is a mind-body technique that focuses on great posture. It is a wonderful way to rebalance your mind as well as your body after a long hard day in the office.  Pilates has revolutionised the way exercise and movement has been taught and its principles have been incorporated into all exercise programmes and become a way of life. Good posture and abdominal strength will support your back, your muscles, and your health.

Are you always putting others before yourself? Are you always expecting too much from yourself? Are you harsh on yourself when things don’t turn out the way you want them to?

If the answer is yes to these questions then it could be that you are suffering from a lack of self-compassion – all too common in our hectic, modern lives.

My next day retreat is at the beautiful Revitalise Studios, Topsham Exeter on Relaxation, Pilates, Self Care and nutrition – join me enjoy a restful day and stop the negative mind chatter and self-sabotage. 

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