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Term Dates

Adele’s Pilates Terms and Conditions:

• Working hours are 9-5pm Monday to Friday, I aim to respond to emails within 24hours during office hours.
• Classes are 55 minutes long.
• Classes are non-refundable and non-transferable.
• Classes must be paid in full and in advance, at least one week of the course.
• No refund can be given for the cancellation of the term – one week before term starts.
• Classes are valid for the duration of the course for which they were registered.
• There is no transferral of classes from term to term, course to course or person to person
• NO swaps during or between terms 
• Classes may be cancelled due to circumstances out of your Instructor’s control e.g. poor weather conditions, sickness, Covid-19. Refunds will not be given, online alternatives will be offered.

Please be aware that these conditions form part of the booking process.

There are safety precautions in place due to Covid please become familiar with the safety details in place by visiting this blog and watching the accompanying video: Pilates Classes Out of Lockdown: New Schedule & How to Book

Many thanks


Pilates Term Dates 2022

Click the day below to find out the term dates

Topsham 9am and 10am &

Alphington School 6:30-7:30pm


  • 9th May-20th June   – 6 weeks no class 30th May
  • 27th June-25th July   – 5 weeks no class August
  • 5th Sept-17th Oct   – 6 weeks no classes 19th Sept or Half term: 24th Oct
  • 31st Oct-12th Dec   – 7 weeks


  • 9th Jan-13th Feb  – 6 weeks No class 20th Feb

Moretonhampstead 6:25pm


  • 4th Jan-15thFeb  – 7 weeks No class 22nd Feb
  • 1st March-29th March  – 5 weeks no class in APRIL
  • 3rd May-21st June   – 7 weeks no class 31st May
  • 28th June-26th July   – 5 weeks no class August
  • 6th Sept-18th Oct   – 7 weeks no class 25th Oct 
  • 1st Nov-6th Dec   – 6 weeks


  • 3rd Jan-14th Feb  – 7 weeks No class 21st Feb

Topsham 9am and 10am 

Yeoford 6:15pm


  • 4th May-22nd June   – 7 weeks no class 1st June
  • 29th June-27th July   – 5 weeks no class August
  • 7th Sept-19th Oct   – 7 weeks no class 26th Oct
  • 2nd Nov-7th Dec   – 6 weeks PLUS 23rd NOV ONLINE ONLY for Matthew Hall


  • 4th Jan-15th Feb  – 7 weeks No class 22nd Feb

Cheriton Bishop 9am


  • 5th May-23rd June   – 7 weeks no class 2nd June
  • 30th June-28th July   – 5 weeks no class August
  • 8th Sept-20th Oct   – 7 weeks no class 27th Oct 
  • 3rd Nov-8th Dec   – 6 week


  • 4th Jan-15th Feb  – 7 weeks No class 23rd Feb

*** NO CLASSES ***


You will need to bring:

  1. Health Safety Questionnaire – download it here
  2. A hand towel to place under your head – not because you are perspiring so much!
  3. Small hand weights 1kg or 2lbs – sports shop or online at Amazon
  4. Pilates 1.2m band, bring your own or purchase one from me £7
  5. Warm comfortable, layered clothes – no leotards required ladies or gentlemen!
  6. An apple for teacher! Pilates socks are always a great idea

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