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Pilates Classes Out of Lockdown: New Schedule & How to Book

Pilates Classes Out of Lockdown New Schedule How to Book

This article will assist any existing Pilates clients who want to re-start Pilates or those that are new to Pilates classes  I have written this blog to outline what Pilates classes are available and how you can book a session.  If you have any further questions or have any comments that you would like to see covered do leave comments below and I will come back to you straight away.


When are Adele’s Pilates classes?

Pilates classes are ready to book online via the website

Once you have booked and paid online your place is secure, you will receive a receipt immediately, so please check your junk mail and keep your receipt as confirmation of your place.

Where do Pilates classes take place?

The revised Pilates schedule is outlined below:

Pilates on Monday


9am Topsham St Matthews Hall

10am Topsham St Matthews Hall

6:30pm Alphington Combined School Hall

Pilates classes Tuesday

6:25pm George V Sports Centre, Moretonhampstead

Pilates classes on Wednesday


9am Topsham St Matthews Hall

10am Topsham St Matthews Hall

6:15pm Yeoford

Thursdays Pilates classes

9am  Cheriton Bishop Village Hall

How do you book your Pilates classes?

In order to make it easier for you I’ve outlined the class booking pages here.  If you are looking to book:

Monday ONLINE, Topsham Click here

Monday Alphington classes click here 

Tuesday at Moretonhampstead click here

Wednesday ONLINE and at Topsham click here

Wednesday at Yeoford click here

Thursday at Cheriton Bishop click here


Is there a maximum number of participants in the Pilates class?

Class sizes are very restricted and tight adherence to the numbers in each class is required.  I will allocate the appropriate amount of spaces available in the booking slots. Once they have gone, I will be unable to add any more so please make sure you book your place early.

To be transparent I am receiving a lot of interest so do book early!


If the classes are restricted because of Covid what happens?

The last Covid year has been very unsettling for everyone; extra online classes have been uploaded onto my social media channels. In addition Pilates sessions have also been sent out.

If classes are closed due to another lockdown your space will automatically jump onto the online classes on either Monday or Wednesday morning. All you need to do is simply email me and I will send you the private link so that you can attend. Please ensure that you email me, and let me know the day you wish to attend.


How can I catch up with the classes that I have missed?

Additional resources include my YouTube channel when you hit SUBSCRIBE and say yes to notifications you’ll be sent the latest Pilates workout straight to your inbox each week

You can catch up with any Pilates sessions you have missed by accessing my Pilates Wellbeing YouTube channel.

Head over to my YouTube channel and hit SUBSCRIBE click here then you will automatically receive all the up-to-date classes. You will be able to catch up with any classes that you have missed during your term.  Access the class on my YouTube channel just hit the SUBSCRIBE button and you’ll get the latest  class each week

Click here to receive my Weekly Pilates workouts YouTube channel

Adele Stickland Pilates weights and bands

What equipment do I need to bring?

Find below a list of what you need to bring to live class:

  • A Pilates mat If you don’t have a mat you can contact my lovely yoga friend Katie at Revitalize Studios
  • Hand towel to place under your head
  • Pilates band (if you don’t have one you can purchase one online at
  • face mask on entry and leaving – not whilst practising Pilates
  • Sanitiser for your hands
  • Equipment including Pilates band and small hand weights around 1.5 to 2lbs.
  • For a completed health questionnaire click here to download

In addition

If you are new to class please email your health questionnaire directly to Adele at 24 hours before your first booked Pilates session.


What measures are in place for me to safely attend Pilates?

Please ensure that you read and adopt the following safety precautions:

-Ensure adhere to Covid rules and responsibilities

                     – Please bring your own mat, mask and hand santiser If you don’t have a mat you can contact my lovely yoga friend Katie at Revitalize Studios

-Whilst waiting for class to start ensure social distance or wait in cars until 5 mins before class starts and Adele’s Pilates let you in.

-Please ensure that you use the entrance and exit to the hall using the use one-way system – most are marked on the floors/entrances of the hall

-Adopt the layout using the floor plan as outlined in the video placing your mat directly on top of the Ying Yang signs

-no swaps between terms or classes are available.

-Toilet safety – pleasure ensure retain social distancing one person at the toilet at a time and wash hands thoroughly.

For further information and clarification please ensure that you have watched the COVID safety video below and drop me a comment on the video to let me know that you have understood the requirements.

Please Watch Video:
What you need to know when attending Pilates class


What equipment do I need to bring to a Pilates class?

The only equipment you will use in Adele’s Pilates will be a Pilates band – which you can purchase at the Pilates online shop

The other piece of equipment you will need are Pilates weights which you can buy online from Amazon (other online retailers are available)

If you are new to class please email your health screening form and click here to download at least 24 hours before your first session. I would appreciate a quick ‘hi’ and intro before the first session so you and I can go over any points on the form.


What are the booking terms for Adele’s Pilates classes?

On booking normal terms and conditions apply and you can view them below – these terms and conditions are valid at the point of booking. If you are not comfortable with these terms and conditions please do not book a space

Adele’s Pilates Terms & Conditions:

• Working hours are 9-5pm Monday to Friday, I aim to respond to emails within 24hours during office hours.
• Classes are 55 minutes long.
• Classes are non-refundable and non-transferable.
• Classes must be paid in full and in advance, at least one week of the course.
• On attending the first class, no refund can be given for the cancellation of the term.
• Classes are valid for the duration of the course for which they were registered.
• There is no transferral of classes from term to term, course to course or person to person
• NO swaps during or after term because of COVID-19 and restricted class sizes
• Classes may be cancelled due to circumstances out of your Instructor’s control e.g. poor weather conditions, sickness, Covid-19. Refunds will not be given, online alternatives will be offered.

Please be aware that these conditions form part of the booking process.


Can I pay for more than one session in advance?

Term price is 6 weeks; the price of live classes is £54.00 for those 6 weeks

One-off class payments or transfers between classes are not available.


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Next steps

If you are looking to create a calmer lifestyle and attend a Pilates health retreat feel free to email me to discuss your requirements


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