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“I’ve been attending Adele’s classes for something like 10 years and I’m still coming”

I’ve been attending Adele’s classes for something like 10 years and I’m still coming – that says it all! As a physio I fully appreciate the value of Pilates practice taught properly and safely in the recovery from and prevention of low back pain. Adele manages to achieve this and make it FUN!! So please keep doing it!!!

Chris (Physiotherapist) Cheriton Bishop 23rd November 2016

“Successfully manage their back pain to a large extent”

I believe the improved flexibility and control developed in Pilates helps many of my patients successfully manage their back pain to a large extent.

Paul Thompson St Davids Osteopathic Clinic - 24th November 2016

“I feel I have achieved some fantastic results”

Being a keen sports person and having a very physical job I was never hugely keen on slowing the pace down and doing Pilates BUT Adele has completely inspired me. Her huge personality and sense of fun make her class a joy and her knowledge makes you put all your faith in her. I feel I have achieved some fantastic results and recommend her class to all my clients.

Thank you, Adele.

Rebecca - Cheriton Bishop 24th November 2016

“Adele has a wealth of experience and comes highly recommended”

Pilates is a really beneficial exercise for people suffering from any form of back pain, want to improve their athletic performance or purely help prevent problems/injuries in the future. A strong core is so important to all of us. Adele has a wealth of experience and comes highly recommended as a Pilates teacher, accommodating individual needs.

Jane Newman 24th November 2016

“Adele’s patient and thorough teaching has also helped me to get out of pain”

After having suffered with a chronic back condition for many years I was advised to take up Pilates. A cliché, I know, but it has changed my life and enabled me to continue with many pursuits which would have otherwise been extremely difficult. Adele’s patient and thorough teaching has also helped me to get out of pain at times when the old war wounds flare up! I never understood what strong core muscles were until now and how using them instead of your back can save a lot of grief. Oh and it’s not all airy fairy either… be prepared to work!!!!!

Judi Spiers Presenter and superstar 🙂 25th November 2016

Adele is Fab!

What can I say, Adele keeps me moving! Suffering with back and joint problems I have found I’m much stronger, suppler and all together fitter, plus Adele is Fab!

Donna – Tedburn St Mary 25th November 2016

John's driving experience at Pecorama

“Adele is forever supportive, consistently professional and amazingly cheerful at every class”

Adele accepts that Pilates is much more of a challenge for men (something to do with not having to make an effort with tummy after childbirth?) but she makes every allowance for this and is very encouraging of her male attendees. Adele’s classes are the sole reason why I have not seized up altogether. I moan to myself, and anyone else who will listen, before each Pilates class but in truth I feel much better at the end. Adele is forever supportive, consistently professional and amazingly cheerful at every class. It is an hour well spent away from whatever else is going on in your world. (And where else would you pay but £7 for an hour to lay on the floor with a whole loan of lovely women!)

Unlike rich dining, copious drinking and sex (well at least for someone my age) Pilates is one activity where one feels better afterwards than before. Adele is very professional and her classes really are enjoyable, the hour just slips by. A small word of warning to people thinking of joining one of Adele’s classes; numbers are not her strongest skill. An exercise that comprise “a left” and “a right” counts as one rather than two! When she says that there are ten more moves to do, there will be at least eleven and fourteen is not unknown! When very occasionally there needs to be a change of venue, the [prudent][perfect] attendee should always double-check!

John – Topsham 25th November 2016

“Enjoyable, beneficial and fun way to maintain our fitness”

At our age Pilates is a great way to have good exercise. To do our sessions with Adele makes for an enjoyable, beneficial and fun way to maintain our fitness.

David & Joy Lane – Topsham 25th November 2016

“I always come away from the class feeling energised”

I have attended one of Adele’s classes for several years and it has truly become part of my weekly routine and way of life. I really have seen the benefits of Adele’s sharp eye on improving my posture in my everyday life and greatly improving my technique during the exercises. I always come away from the class feeling energised and full of positive thoughts to take forward to the following days. The classes are really fun thanks to Adele’s great personality and little health tips she has gleaned from the industry which she feels appropriate to share with us. Great class every week!

Angela – Alphington 25th November 2016

“Friendly atmosphere”

Adele is an inspirational teacher with attention to detail on her class and supportive to all, regardless of age or ability. Always an enjoyable hour with a friendly atmosphere.

Tracy – Alphington 25th November 2016

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“You are the BEST”

Dear Adele, Just a short note of admiration for your unfailing professionalism, humour and energy you give to us every week. I think I must have been coming for at least 6 years and hope to come to at least 6 more! Don’t ever stop; you are the BEST. Have a lovely summer.

Love from Tessa – Chagford 25th November 2016

I broke my back many years ago… since starting Pilates with Adele my core muscles have strengthened

I broke my back many years ago and over the years have suffered from associated problems. Since starting Pilates with Adele over 10 years ago my core muscles have strengthened unbelievably and whilst I haven’t exactly got a 6 pack my stomach muscles are flippin’ strong which means my back gets the protection it needs. Adele has the ability to tune into your needs so that in a class of 20 you feel you are having a 1on 1.

Adele also makes the whole experience fun… long as she doesn’t sing!!!!

Judi x

Judi Spiers 25th May 2017

“Adele’s Online Pilates is perfect for me and my hectic working week”

I have been with Adele for a few years now, part of her Pilates classes and as a GG Graduate. Just enrolled on her new venture Online Pilates, 2 sessions with a mix of Pilates and cardio uploaded every 2 weeks. Perfect for me and my hectic working week, I can dip in when it suits me.. Love love love it… Thanks Adele

Amanda Buckley 12th July 2017

“I am now happy to say I am pain free”

Hi Adele, just wanted to say how much I enjoyed class today. Bum and thighs, just where I need extra help. I am not sure if I will be thanking you tomorrow!

When I started Pilates with you a few years ago, I had bad lower back issues and my hip flexes were very weak. I am now happy to say I am pain free ( fingers crossed) and have a lot more mobility in my hips. I put a lot of this down to your class. You are lots of fun and know when to push the class a little bit more.

Thank you!

Karen x

Karen Parsons 12th July 2017

highlight of my week

This is the highlight of my week, when I can’t get there it disrupts me till next time I’m there. It truly makes such a difference, my hamstrings are now getting to a place where they can do their thing and the darling back is now a joy to behold!!! Thanks Adele for all your prompting and enthusiasm, I love the classes and the workouts, some very energetic and hard work, no pain no gain etc and some really stretchy and relaxing just a great mix. Keep up the good work and to anyone who is thinking of coming along just do it you will not regret it. PS they are very popular classes now, so don’t hang about spaces are limited and you can’t have mine!!!

Andrew Wilkinson - Wilf to his mates Adele's Pilates classes 12th July 2017

“Thank you for making it possible for me to attain a level of fitness that I thought was gone forever”

Thank you for making it possible for me to attain a level of fitness that I thought was gone forever three years ago. When I came to you I had severe pain in my legs and back and had spent a fortune at the Osteopaths. I am now able to hill walk and take on a 30-mile charity walk.  My aim is to be the fittest 70 year old in your classs next year!! But I think I will be the only one looking at other class participants

Much love

Ann x

Ann Mallett 1st August 2017

“I knew meditation was powerful but I didn’t realise how powerful, thank you Adele”

Vanina joined me for a personal workshop gathering based on Meditation and Menopause

Her thoughts:

“The social gathering of like-minded ladies was brilliant. I loved making the space for a meditation I knew that they were powerful but I had no idea how powerful your meditation would be. I always knew food would support the menopause and perimenopause – your workshop confirmed my thinking.
Thanks for a great day”

Vanina Colomb- Freelance Translator 13th November 2017

“EMPOWERING – I loved being with like minded people and found your event empowering”

I loved being with liked minded people on your Menopause and Meditation workshop day.  I loved the shared experiences and I felt very empowered by the whole day.  I loved the venue, it was sweet and easy to get to and I loved the outside space.

Your food was excellent especially the chia pudding. I will be trying that when you send out the recipe sheets.

Anthea Christmas Restaurant owner 13th November 2017

Thank you for keeping the sessions fresh and challenging – A GOOD OUCH for 3 DAYS!!!!

Loved the session this morning the relaxation at the end was a real oasis and much needed thank you. Love Friday morning Pilates, thank you for the effort you put into keeping the sessions fresh and challenging (I have never felt it as much as I did last week – ouch!!) A GOOD ouch for 3 DAYS!!!)

Jo x

Jo Todd Mum and musician 17th November 2017

Spiritual it felt like an open and safe place to discuss my symptoms and feelings

Louise explains how she felt nervous and apprehensive before attending Adele’s Get Gorgeous meditation and menopause workshop:

“meditation and menopause workshop was informative, spiritual it felt like an open and safe place to discuss my symptoms and feelings.   Previously I had learnt to tolerate pain and disorder and lacked confidence and I felt very nervous attending this live event but I came out the other side with a very different perception. I loved your education and the biochemistry was very detailed and affirmed what I had vaguely thought and known.

It was a relief to know that I was normal, instead of thinking I was losing my mind as well as my body. The homework and thinking time before the event was well matched and flowed through the workshop. I loved your detail.

Thank you”

Louise Wraith Business owner 18th November 2017

Your meditation was very different because of the homework you set beforehand, I could refer to those moments in the session

For me, one of the key things was meeting other ladies in the same position. I also liked how to use meditation in tandem with eating and exercise.  The meditation amazing I have done meditations before but yours was different because of the homework you set beforehand, I could refer to those moments in the session. It was so quick and obviously worked because the time flew and nobody could believe we had been meditating and relaxing for 3/4 hour.

The snacks were great and it was lovely to have little bits during the day. I was very impressed with the Quinoa chilli because I was quite enlightened because I have only ever used it with salads before.

The day was absolutely good value for money and the venue was open and airy with the outdoor space, with no parking issues.


Amanda Buckley 24th November 2017

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Pilates Back to Basics: Love , love , love this dvd . It does exactly what it sets out to do !! Thank you x

Rachel Walker Back to Basics DVD 19th January 2018

Adele’s Back to Basics Pilates DVD

I finally did the ‘Back to Basics’ DVD yesterday. I really enjoyed it, the only thing missing was you correcting my positions! I particularly love how you are exactly the same on the DVD as in class, great fun and lots of helpful reminders ( for me to breathe is particularly appropriate for me!). I must have done something right as I can feel my hamstrings and abdominal muscles today, hooray! When I say ‘feel’, I mean, ‘b&@”! hell, they hurt’, ha!

I will continue to practice, but would definitely like another DVD from you.

Jo Chown Teacher Back to Basics Pilates DVD - perfect for beginners 19th January 2018

Back to Basics Pilates DVD

Arrrgh….ow….don’t drop that down there…now I’ll have to pick it up….arrgh…[insert Adele’s Back to Basics PILATES DVD]… and breath

..and relax

… thank you Adele for keeping me company and motivated when my back is playing up and actually helping it to get better. Your DVD is like having my own personal Pilates expert on standby whenever I need her so thank you!

Suzie Carer Back to Basics Pilates DVD 19th January 2018

My posture is improved and my mind calm and my body strong.

I feel so amazing after doing these. My posture is improved and my mind calm and my body strong.

Andie Habeshaw Pilates & Cardio 4 pack DVD 19th January 2018

young older women in yoga

I felt stronger and more flexible and the world was a brilliant place once again

I began pilates classes with Adele a few years ago, seeking a physical reconnection and confidence boost after finishing a degree in dance and then having two children.

After a few months, I began running again, finding a much-needed balance in my life – in more ways than one! I felt stronger and more flexible and the world was a brilliant place once again. But then disaster struck! Work commitments meant I had to stop going to my pilates classes. Before too long, I felt the familiar weakness in my back that I hadn’t felt for years, and my running took a turn for the worst.

I contacted Adele for advice and was delighted to receive these DVDs in the post. This box set of Pilates and Cardio DVDs is not only excellent value for money but caters for every energy level and satisfies every workout desire. The workouts are short enough to do every day before or after work, and give your body and mind a real boost. They are fun and quirky, sitting comfortably within everyday life.

They come across as being personal too; as if they have been choreographed just for you. It’s like having Adele in my very own lounge. And, yes, I am very pleased to say that everything is back in place (love the pun) and I feel like I have found my very own tool kit, just in case I need it.

Shelley Tape Pilates & Cardio 4 pack DVD 19th January 2018

Bought Adele’s Pilates DVD for mum for Christmas and she loves it!

I recently bought Adele’s Pilates with Weights DVD for my mum for Christmas and she loves it! She loved the way Adele explained all the moves and how every exercise had 3 levels – beginners, intermediate and advanced. It meant she could choose her level.


Sam Williams Student 19th January 2018

Love , love , love this dvd . It does exactly what it sets out to do !! Thank you x

Thanks Adele I absolutely love, love, love your Pilates DVD – Back to Basics, which is perfect for beginners. It does exactly what it sets out to do!!


Thank you

Rachel Walker Back to Basics Pilates DVD - perfect for beginners 19th January 2018

Class atmosphere is lovely and friendly

My weekly Thursday night Pilates session expertly taken by Adele always makes me feel better by ironing out my stiff, tense muscles and strengthening my core so I can cope with another busy week. Adele is always positive and the class atmosphere is lovely and friendly. If your thinking about it, no need, just sign up! Oh and I always have the best nights sleep Thursday night!

Kirstin Burgess Belulino Owner & Beauty Therapist 5th February 2018

A thoroughly enjoyable day, lovely to get together with like minded ladies and a longer meditation

Kirstin Burgess Belulino beauty therapist Gorgeous meditation and relaxation day 5th February 2018

Adele oozes warmth, vitality AND expertise

This is a brilliant DVD! Adele oozes warmth, vitality AND expertise. It’s like she’s in the room with you, encouraging and coaxing you along. A good variety of exercises too, not endless repeats of the same ones (I get bored easily, can you tell!). Highly recommended. Thanks Adele.

Caroline Walker Back to Basics Pilates DVD - perfect for beginners 4th March 2018

“Workshop was nurturing, supportive and felt very safe” explains Rachel

“I was a little apprehensive about the workshop before I attended, I wasn’t sure what my expectations were but I found it to be a very nurturing group of women and sometimes you can feel that other women are not your best friends, but this group of women were very welcoming, a safe place to be and you leading that was great Adele

I have overcome my fear of Pilates and that barrier has gone, which is huge for me.


Rachel Dawson Mental Health therapist Meditation, Pilates and Nutrition Workshop 16th March 2018

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Chris the Builder

Chris the Builder Builder Adele's Pilates classes 11th May 2018

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Chris the Physio

Chris the Physio Adele's Pilates 11th May 2018

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Sarah talks about how Adele’s Pilates saved her trips to the oestopath

Sarah Adele's Pilates 18th May 2018

“I love your weekly emails with lots of helpful tips to get healthy”

Jodie has been coming on and off to Adele’s Pilates for a number of years, whilst Becca is new, this is her 3rd week.


Jodie loves Pilates to keep her back strong because she has a sedentary job and needs to get moving so that her back doesn’t seize.

“Your classes are always fun and interesting Adele, I love the way you vary the workouts each week, I only stopped coming for a while because I changed job I am so glad to return to your classes.”

Becca has health issues that need addressing and even after only 3 weeks she is feeling the benefit of coming plus

“I love the weekly emails you send Adele, they are full of interesting tips and healthy comments”


Jodie and Becca 21st June 2018

“You are a charismatic, fun teacher Adele I can’t wait to join you in Spain for your 1st Pilates retreat”

Sarah Portman Adele's Spanish Pilates retreat 10th July 2018

Adele has a magical ingredient which makes you feel welcomed, encouraged and valued

Adele has a magical ingredient which makes you feel welcomed, encouraged and valued as you exercise think and feel your way through her Pilates classes. Surrounded by fellow enthusiasts you will feel as if you are ‘in your own world’ and yet simultaneously Adele’s sole focus of attention.  Adele brings a wealth of experience and good practice to her classes and a commitment to her own professional development. Whatever your mood or preoccupations on arrival you are guaranteed to leave a more positive and fulfilled person.

Oenone Thomas Keep your programme name ☺ it works for you and it helps you to create the energy you need. Adele's Pilates 31st August 2018

As an ex-physiotherapist with long term painful back – I am now pain free!

I have been going to Adele’s Pilates classes regularly. I need to say that as an ex-physiotherapist with a long-term painful back that I had come to terms with enduring for the rest of my life. I am no pain free most of the time. I feel stronger and have a better range of movement and am confident of a better future doing the things that I need and want to do.

This is definitely due to the expert help and well-constructed session Adele’ gives.

Thanks Adele – I owe you a great deal

Christine Marsden Soprano and singing teacher Adele's Pilates classes 18th September 2018

Good mixture across the session showing her enthusiasm for health, putting it across in a down to earth enjoyable way

We were greeted by Adele and offered a healthy herbal tea. We then did a ‘get to know you’ with the person next to us and shared with the group which broke the ice nicely. There was quite a mixture of people and attending for very different reasons.
We then went on to a great Pilates session concentrating on technique which was worthwhile. This was finished with an Adele led relaxation which was beneficial as she emphasised the importance of your breath.
 The slide show was interesting making you think about valuing yourself and ‘self care’ is not being selfish but essential for you to function well. We all now have our personal mantra. The food was tasty too especially the chai pots!
Adele had a good mixture across the session and a nice package showing her enthusiasm for health and well being, putting it across in a down to earth enjoyable way. I would recommend this to anyone who needs to stop and rethink how you look after yourself.
FIND OUT MORE Spanish retreat click here

Angela Richards Manager Gorgeous Pilates and relaxation workshop 25th September 2018

Pilates and meditation day was great – calming and very enjoyable

The meditation and yoga day was great. It was good value for money, calming and a very enjoyable day away from the stresses of life. Thank you

Natasha Wheeler-James Pilates and meditation workshop 25th September 2018