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What is Pilates?

Whether you have a niggling backache or maybe a few pelvic floor issues?

Pilates will help relieve backache whether you are a top performing athlete – and of course, there are a lot of us out there! – or a normal mum with a couple of kids and a few thousand jobs to do.

You can benefit from Pilates today it will help improve your everyday movement or improving your sports performance.

Pilates focuses and works on your core control. Your core is where all movement comes from. Joseph Pilates referred to the core as your ‘powerhouse’.

Whether you are lifting your arm for a golf swing or picking up a bag of spuds, all movement derives from this strong area. Keeping this area strong is essential for your health and wellbeing.

Pilates is often referred to as the ‘thinking persons’ exercise.

You will benefit from increased body awareness because you have to engage with your body to locate the correct muscles, your skilled Pilates teacher will help you to do this in a wonderfully relaxed and calm environment.

Think of your inner ‘powerhouse’ strength like a can – the cylindrical shape of a can.

You have your deep abdominals called Transversus abdominus wrapping around the front of your body tapering into your back fascia, your pelvic floor is the base of the cylinder and your diaphragm is the top. This explains why breathing is so important in Pilates, it aids your muscular contraction when working through the Pilates moves.

Pilates moves are slow, flowing and smooth, with emphasis on control and concentration.

You will leave a Pilates session feeling strong to the core and ‘blissed out’ as one client exclaimed. You are concentrating on your body and how it is moving so precisely that your everyday worries are forgotten, like a gentle meditation.

Pilates is a journey together – yours and mine.

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Find out what other clients have to say…

“I really enjoy the classes and find them hard at times though not impossible or unduly tough. My balance varies from time to time and I sometimes don’t grasp the routines immediately but I love it when I suddenly click into a move which my body remembers from years of practice. It fits so well with the yoga I have done previously (and still do occasionally). I do tai chi on a regular basis, too, and your moves often flow in harmony with my tai chi practice.
I really like your cheerful style and thorough approach to teaching. I always look forward to coming and always come away vitalised and uplifted – a brilliant start to my week.
I think I am fairly flexible in spite of stiffness in my back with certain moves and some other postural issues, but I know the pilates can only help with these. Thankfully I have no major back injuries.”
Find out more www.adelespilates.co.uk/online

Andrea Ostle Primary School teacher - retired and counsellor Adele's Pilates online www.adelespilates.co.uk/online 22nd January 2019

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