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The Pilates principle of Relaxation

by Adele on 22nd May 2018 in Pilates

The Pilates Principle of Relaxation An essential but often underemphasized principle of Pilates is Relaxation. Learning to use just the amount of effort needed for a particular task without developing unnecessary tension is an important concept to keep in mind while practising Pilates and for the rest of your life. We often think that working […]

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You don’t have to pull in your core 24/7

by Adele on 14th April 2018 in Pilates

Are you constantly worried about your tummy and trying to pull it in? This blog will help to clarify that don’t need to do that, Pilates is a simple set of exercises that will help you to control your core at will, not constantly.   I entered the fitness industry via the jumpy-jumpy aerobics, personal one […]

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How to get relief from a bad back & which exercises to avoid

by Adele on 6th February 2018 in Bad back

Back pain can be very debilitating and affects most of the population at one stage or another. Interestingly back pain usually affects more than one single part of your spine, it is generally caused by the biomechanics of your entire body.  Or if I am going to be brutal and straightforward your bad posture! It is your […]

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Exercises to relieve sciatic pain

by Adele on 20th January 2018 in Pilates

What is Sciatic Pain? Sciatic pain is the irritation of the sciatic nerve.  It is a shooting pain that begins in the lower back, radiates into the bum and down the back of one leg. Your sciatic nerve begins at your spinal cord, runs through your hips and bottom, and then branches down each leg. […]

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Meditation and Pilates LIVE WORKSHOP Sunday 16th September 2018

by Adele on 11th November 2017 in Nutrition

Meditation, Pilates & Nutrition A healthy and relaxing day on Sunday 16th September 2018 combining tools to help you relax, release stress and a chance to meet other ladies to share experiences. The workshop will be an interesting and educational day which will also have healthy snacks, lunch, conversation and calming exercise. The event is going […]

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How to improve your pelvic floor EVEN while sitting at a desk all day

by Adele on 27th October 2017 in Pilates

Pelvic floor muscle tone Your pelvic floor muscles involve several interconnected muscles that support the internal organs of your pelvis. Together they are like a trampoline or hammock that stretches from your tailbone to our pubic bone.  These muscles can lose tone when they are not used properly or regularly which is the case with […]

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The Ten Wonders of Pilates

by Adele on 13th October 2017 in Pilates

Pilates builds up the strength of your core muscles Not only that Pilates builds up your flexibility, your range of movement through your joints and relieves back pain.  Practising Pilates at least twice a week is a great foundation for good health and a happy mobile retirement.  You don’t want to simply celebrate your 80th Birthday you […]

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2 secrets to a healthy tummy - Adele's Pilates
2 secrets to a healthy tummy

by Adele on 28th June 2017 in Pilates

Fed up feeling bloated and your tummy ‘being in your way?’ After three caesareans I know exactly how you feel – having to lift my tummy to feel more comfortable and less sweaty. YUCK! gross.  I was used to feeling conscious of the way I looked even as a fitness instructor. Even as a fitness […]

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Healthy lifestyle concept with diet and fitness
3 things to improve your health

by Adele on 10th June 2017 in Nutrition

Improve your health The three things you need to do to improve your health and well-being are: 1. Exercise – 3 different varieties for optimum health 2. Eat more protein and fewer carbs 3. Mindset, be kind to yourself. Exercise – 3 different exercise strategies Sticking to one type of exercise is not healthy.  If […]

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Free pilates class - Adele's Pilates
FREE Pilates class 3rd June

by Adele on 18th May 2017 in Pilates

Saturday 3rd June Matthew Hall Topsham 3pm to 4:30pm If you have ever wanted to try Pilates with me or if you want a free extra top up class, come along on Saturday 3rd June at Matthew Hall, Topsham.  The class will start with a quick chat from Pauline about Ataxia, a health chat about nutrition, […]

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Exercises to improve your knee strength
Exercises to improve your knee strength PART 2

by Adele on 18th March 2017 in Knee recovery exercise

Exercises to improve your knee strength PART 2 Thank you for joining me on the second edition of knee strength exercise to relieve muscle imbalances and knee pain. Relieve knee pain is as easy as a squat or two 😉 Recent research concluded that arthritis, tears or cartilage damage can be prevalent without pain.  Knee […]

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Exercises to improve knee strength - Adele's Pilate
Exercises to improve your knee strength

by Adele on 16th March 2017 in Knee recovery exercise

What is causing your knee pain? Arthritis, meniscus tear, worn away cartilage all give you knee pain – RIGHT?  Err no. Recent research concluded that arthritis, tears or cartilage damage can be prevalent without pain.  Knee pain is not necessarily a direct result of disease or damage. Knee pain is more predictable with an imbalance […]

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Food that affect your health - Adele's Pilates
Food that affect yours health

by Adele on 28th February 2017 in Nutrition

Food has a powerful impact on your overall wellbeing. You know it, you can appreciate that food can help you to feel great. The right food can help you to heal and give you more energy, relax you and make you happy. On the other hand, it can also make you rubbish, crappy even. Eating the […]

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Reduce your bloated tummy - Adele's Pilates
Reduce your bloated tummy?

by Adele on 28th February 2017 in Pilates

Eating certain foods will improve the look and feel of your tummy. However, you can eat other foods that will suddenly make you look like you’re 20 weeks pregnant again as you surreptitiously unbutton your jeans. Avoid processed foods and bread to reduce your chance of bloating. Listen to your body and look for patterns, […]

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Pilates breathing and Pilates classes - Adele's Pilates
Pilates Breathing

by Adele on 26th February 2017 in Pilates

Pilates Breathing  Joseph Pilates was asthmatic and therefore was understandably focused on proper breathing. He advocated inhalations that filed the lungs entirely and exhalations that emptied the lungs to the very bottom, cleaning the bloodstream and purifying the body of toxins. The Pilates method as performed today follows a simple breathing technique known as lateral breathing. Your […]

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What do you need to bring to a Pilates class - Adele's Pilates
What do you need to bring to a Pilates class?

by Adele on 21st February 2017 in Pilates

Equipment You will need to bring: 1. Health Safety Questionnaire – download it here 2. A hand towel to place under your head – not because you are perspiring so much! 3. Small hand weights 1kg or 2lbs – sports shop or online at Amazon 4. Pilates 1.2m band, bring your own or purchase one […]

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Prolapse - what you need to know - Adele's Pilates
Prolapse – what you need to know.

by Adele on 21st February 2017 in Pilates

My passion is Pilates, I love it. But there are some moves you need to be careful of if you have a ‘prolapse’. I was asked about it again this week so I thought I would outline a few things to help. SIT UPS Sit ups are NOT the best exercise to do to ‘tone’ […]

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Fully trained Level 3 Pilates instructor in Exeter -Adele's Pilates
Why choose Adele’s Pilates?

by Adele on 21st February 2017 in Pilates

Whether you are an online subscriber or a participant in my classes why should you choose Adele’s Pilates? I teach every exercise at 3 levels: Level 1: Beginners Level 2: Intermediate Level 3: Advanced There will be a level for you, you will instantly feel comfortable in the Pilates moves.  Perhaps one exercise moves you will […]

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Is Pilates only for people with a bad back - Adele's Pilate
Is Pilates only for people with a bad back?

by Adele on 21st February 2017 in Pilates

Is Pilates only for people with a dodgy back? Pilates is an essential part of everybody’s daily health care. Pilates is the basis of everything you do. I refer to Pilates as the platform for life. Mummies need Pilates Pilates is perfect for you, returning to exercise after childbirth. Pilates is perfect to strengthen your […]

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What is Pilates? Adele's Pilates
What is Pilates?

by Adele on 21st February 2017 in Pilates

You can benefit from Pilates today it will help improve your everyday movement or improving your sports performance. Whether you have a niggling back ache or maybe a few pelvic floor issues? Pilates will help relieve back ache whether you are a top performing athlete – and of course, there are a lot of us […]

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