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How often do you slow down, pull back and take time for yourself? Busy lives means that you get pushed to the bottom of the ‘busy’ list.

Pilates not only gives you ‘me time’, a chance to unwind but also builds your tummy and back strength like no other exercise programme will.

Pilates is focused, it is calming, it is soothing and it works. Powerful exercises that align your body physically and your mind emotionally. You will walk away from a class feeling taller, stronger and much happier.

1. Relieve Stress

Many people store emotions, anxiety and stress in the body, which is evidenced in poor posture, clenched jaws and tight hips, pain, muscle spasms and hypertension. Physical activity metabolizes stress hormones and relieves stress tension that builds up in your body. Pilates relaxes and gives you control of your core muscles that store your emotional baggage.

2. Me Time

Pilates gives you increased energy. The more you exercise, the more energy you will have. Pilates gets your blood circulating, breath flowing and stimulates all of the muscles in your body to feel energised. Clients often tell me how they feel well and have more energy as the feel good hormones, endorphins rush through your body

3. Don’t need a gym or equipment

traditional Pilates practice only requires a yoga mat or a pair of grippy socks to help you maintain your grounding and prevent slipping. You can stream Pilates sequences online and tailor your workouts to your needs from the comfort of your own home

4. Mind and Body Awareness

Whilst practicing Pilates, you will move with complete attention and intention. You centre your mind and focus on your breath, spinal and pelvic alignment and concentrate on your body’s precise movements, control and flow.

You release tension and unite your mind and body by being mindful of your movements.

Pilates offers so many benefits for people of all ages, fitness capabilities and backgrounds.

It offers a full body workout that will challenge and transform your body, increasing your flexibility, strength and balance.

Adele’s Pilates is a great workout choice

You can book here Anytime Pilates here

Clients arrive with different strengths and weakness, varying postures and occupations, Pilates helps them put their tired bodies back together again.

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