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Are you constantly worried about your tummy and trying to pull it in? This blog will help to clarify that don’t need to do that, Pilates is a simple set of exercises that will help you to control your core at will, not constantly.


I entered the fitness industry via the jumpy-jumpy aerobics, personal one to ones, fitness route, then soon got injured and realised that Pilates enabled me to understand the body a little better…

…and it really helped me take a step back from hi-impact to take the load off my poor body

Pilates is actually a great form of exercise and Pilates forms the basis of a lot of my education, training and background.

‘Draw your tummy in’ or ‘engage your core’ is the basis of Pilates classes but you don’t want to be doing that 24/7!

Your core is not designed to be ‘held in’ or ‘active’ all the time. So after class and during your day consider ‘relaxing your belly’.

Let’s be honest what us girls usually do is either

a) hide our tummy under some ‘pull in your pudding pants’, or

b) constantly ‘sucking our stomach in’ to make our tummy appear flatter.

Do me a quick favour try this little practical exercise here for a moment…

Wherever you are in whatever seated position you’re in right now, take your awareness to your belly and relax it.

I mean let it go, let it go…!


Let it all hang out (especially if it’s after midnight).

How difficult was that to do and actually keep it relaxed for more than a few seconds? I don’t mean ‘push your belly out’ – that’s different. Just relax the unnecessary tension that’s in there right now…for no apparent reason.

Were you surprised that your tummy was actually slightly engaged? This is a female trait. Men don’t usually do this. If their belly is full of food for example, what do they do? Well, they just undo the top button of their trousers or loosen their belt a few notches.

What do we do? We draw our belly in constantly so as not to appear bloated (maybe you’ve even said this to one of your daughters when posing for a photo…?). Does this pulling your tummy in business ‘work your core’? No.

Does it add to the already unnecessary pressure that’s built up in the abdomen? Yes.

So chillax ladies and let your tummy muscles go every once in a while.

This might seem contradictory in class but go with it after class and feel the difference.

If you are interested in a little more Pilates practice or homework click the pretty box below and join me for a Pilates class at home

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