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Even though I teach and personally LOVE Pilates, that doesn’t mean I don’t see the benefits of yoga. Yoga stretching is the deepest type of stretch you can do and if, like me, you are a runner, sometimes it is only those crazy yoga poses that will release those tight muscles.  Yoga releases deeply and using yoga stretches is the only way to revive my body after a long run.   It isn’t just stretching yoga, like Pilates, can benefit practitioners in so many ways. I’ll outline there here in this blog as well as explaining how Pilates and yoga differ. In addition, I will also let you into my personal best yoga studios in Exeter; where I like to relax, release and unwind after a busy day of teaching Pilates.

In this blog, I will go through my top three places to chill in Exeter, the best yoga studios and I’ll include information on class sizes, costs, particular yoga specialism and of course their location.  I’d be really interested to hear your thoughts as well, drop a message in the comments below and let me about your experiences and where is your best yoga ‘space’

Differences between yoga and Pilates

Whilst I’ve taught Pilates for over 20 years I still love to indulge in yoga practice. In fact, the picture below is of me on a yoga retreat in India- centre stage – obviously. I’ve practised both for decades, the mind/body disciplines add so much to our modern life and modern bodies. Stretching after a run, or simply sat at a desk for too long, using Pilates and yoga stretches to revitalise you will keep you supple, fit and healthy

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Benefits of yoga and Pilates

Here are some of the benefits I’ve encountered in both my yoga and Pilates practice:

  • Better heart health, especially some of the more powerful poses and exercises
  • Relaxation and help you to sleep better
  • Revitalises you and gives you more energy
  • Shifts your mood, helps you to feel better
  • Manage stress levels
  • Improved flexibility

The main difference between Pilates and Yoga is the emphasis on core muscles.

Both disciplines encourage the mind/body connect, both are slow, relaxing and calming. They both use an integrated health management system focusing on the breath, movement and meditation to unite mind, body and spirit.

Whilst Pilates is focused on small, repetitive exercises that improve your core abdominal and shoulder areas in order to improve your posture. Yoga has larger moves, bigger back stretches and more movement in the joints.

Yoga has a bigger focus on meditation and yet both disciplines love the concept of time alone with yourself to reflect, pause and take stock.  To resolve the unresolved, which can be as simple as stepping back.

Yoga uses big powerful stretches whilst Pilates is more focused on smaller moves that create muscle power and strength especially around the abdominal area.  If you’d like to find out more about my Pilates classes you can download a free Pilates workout click here

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The best yoga studios in Exeter: Revitalize Studios

My favourite studio in Exeter is Revitalize Studio, it is breathtaking and breath giving and where Katie the owner is the essence of yoga, calm and relaxed and offers a very warm welcome for you to practice Yoga, Movement & Wellness.

The space is amazing. It is modern, chic and purpose-built with lighting, heating and ambience in abundance. Find out more about Katie’s amazing space click here Revitalize Studios

The yoga studio is based in Topsham Exeter.  It is specifically designed to be a haven from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. It brings the enjoyment of movement and wellness back into your life in a light-hearted and sustainable way.

Cafe:  tea, coffee or healthy snack after class in the relaxing cafe is a pleasure and you can get to know your fellow yogis and have a natter!

Support: this studio is inclusive, whether you have not moved your body in years and are looking to get back into yoga or movement or are a seasoned yogi we are here to help support you through your journey.

Type of classes: a variety of yoga classes and workshops including yoga classes, barre, TRX, Pilates, hot yoga, aerial yoga or dance classes

Pilates and Yoga Wellness Retreats: Katie and I work together on our wellbeing retreats in Andalusia and Greece you cand find out more about these

Andalusia perfect countryside bliss in the Spanish mountains click here to find out more 

Or perhaps you crave the sun, sea of Greece, our Greek Retreat click here to find out more


Greek Wellbeing Retreat

The best yoga studios in Exeter: Lotus Loft

Another yoga studio in Exeter is Lotus Loft, situated in the centre of Exeter. The room is delightful, a more traditional space above offices in central Exeter whilst overlooking the beautiful grassed areas of Southernhay. The facilities are comfortable.  You have use of mats, blocks, bricks, straps, fitness balls & blankets.  A little treasure in the centre of Exeter.

The studio gets its name and inspiration:

The Lotus is a symbol of purity, its roots are in teh mud but the flower remains above dirty water.

Class types: Astanga, Hatha, gentle yoga, Iyengar yoga, Vinyasa

Refreshments are also available at a small additional fee

The best yoga studios in Exeter: Derekthedog

This studio is popular and situated at the other end of Exeter in Queen Street. It offers a wide range of traditional & authentic Yoga practice, methods and teachings, designed to transform every aspect of your life.

All their teachers are carefully selected on their ability to hold a safe space.  And transmit authentic Yoga teaching for all abilities.

I particularly like that the studio welcome diversity in all its forms and no one is excluded. No experience is necessary if you’d like to start reaping the advantages of what Yoga has to give any individual in today’s modern world.

Class types: a variety of Hatha Yoga traditions.




Looking to step back and relax – how about a Wellbeing retreat?

A retreat is a healthy and relaxing week combining powerful tools to help you release stress.  Find out more Greek Journey to Wholeness. 

Lefkada, is known as the ‘Caribbean of Greece’, the retreat over-looks the Ionian sea, designed to bring inner calm and the ultimate environment in which to escape 3rd-10th October 2021.

Enjoy daily Pilates in the fully equipped studio which faces south and east. Let your mind unwind while the first soft, warm sunbeams hit your body energising it with the most positive start to a new day.

Andalusia perfect countryside bliss in the Spanish mountains click here to find out more 

Or perhaps you crave the sun, sea of Greece, our Greek Retreat click here to find out more


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