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Pilates has been around the fitness world for a number of years. Pilates and other fitness classes are abundant in Exeter, but where to do you start and how do you know what will suit you?  My Pilates clients are often looking to supplement their exercise routine.   And improve their health by attending a number of fitness classes in Exeter which is why I wanted to write this blog.  This blog will outline the best fitness classes in Exeter.  In a way that is clear so that you have a simple resource to use and start your own investigations. This list isn’t exhaustive. But I’ve been teaching and hosting Pilates studio Exeter for over 20 years. I have worked with other fitness professionals, which is why this guide will give you a good idea.

To be transparent I teach Pilates daily throughout Exeter, but I also supplement my fitness with other fitness classes and activities. I walk, run, dance, lift weights and underpin all that activity with the mind-body discipline – Pilates. Pilates strengthens your immunity and improves your core strength.   However, Pilates is not a complete exercise form. It is important that as health-conscious individuals you don’t stick to one form of exercise.

I am all about Pilates, but there are all kinds of amazing fitness classes in Exeter that will strengthen your muscles, bones and cardio strength.  This blog is intended to outline the best fitness classes in Exeter, to give you a taste and feel for what else you can try and supplement your Pilates addiction.


Why should I exercise daily?

Finding exercise that is fun for you will encourage you to stick with it.  The benefits of exercise are far-ranging including improving your memory, brain function, protect you against many diseases, help you to lose weight, lower your blood pressure and improve your heart health.

Improving your sleep, reducing feelings of anxiety and depression and improving joint pain and stiffness are other welcome positive advantages of joining an Exeter fitness class. Whilst Pilates will help you to stay strong and the class environment will help you feel part of a community, there are other classes that will also improve your commitment to your own health.


Best fitness classes in Exeter

What is Pilates and how can it help?

Pilates has been around since the end of World War 1.  When Joseph Pilates took his ‘contrology’ – has he called it – into the internment camps in the UK.   Joseph Pilates was interned as a German foreign national during the War.  Interestingly the camp inmates were the strongest, healthiest with great immunity.  The story goes that nobody practising Pilates at the of the war died from the Spanish flu, also known as the 1918 influenza pandemic.

The best Exeter Pilates classes

Pilates is a form of low-impact exercise that aims to strengthen muscles while improving postural alignment and flexibility. There are 6 principles of Pilates include concentration, control, centre, flow precision and breathing. These principles are all designed to work the body and improve your state of mind. Pilates workouts are mostly mat-based, tailor to your personal fitness levels and are suitable for complete beginners.

There are a number of Exeter Pilates classes, and most of the instructors I have met over the years on various courses and training. Pilates is popular and there are a great range of classes:

  • Pilates with Precision,
  • Exeter fitness studio offers a blend of dance, Pilates and yoga,
  • Tessa Whittingslow Pilates,
  • Pilates with Fiona Swan
  • Haven Pilates studio
  • Sarah Dilley Pilates

I have worked very closely with Sarah Dilley.  Her Exeter based Pilates are fun and energising, as well as providing an all-round positive Pilates experience.

As a dedicated Pilates instructor my passion is there, but there are all kinds of amazing fitness classes in Exeter including yoga, dance, Zumba, Jazzercise. Here are a few other fitness classes that I have found to be fun, exciting, well taught and will improve your fitness and your health.

If you are looking for the best gyms in Exeter this blog will interest you as part of your research The best gyms in Exeter


The best Zumba fitness class in Exeter

Zumba is suitable for all ages and abilities and is guaranteed to make you have a blast.  A Zumba class is a  total workout, combining all the elements of fitness – cardio, muscle conditioning, balance and flexibility, boosted energy and a serious dose of awesome each time you leave class.

There are a couple of fantastic Zumba fitness classes in Exeter including:

  • Natalie Bragg in Exeter promises that every class feels like a party! Currently licensed to teach Zumba, Zumba® Kids & Kids Jr. Venue: High St, Crediton
  • Caroline Anstead Zumba & Dance promises a happy face. Caroline is licensed to teach Zumba, Zumba® Toning, BodyCombat, Body Conditioning, and BodyPump.
  • Client comments include:
  • “I just love Caroline’s Zumba classes. I have been to Caroline’s classes for some years now and what amazes me is her energy and motivation in her classes. I always come away smiling and knowing that I have had a fabulous workout whilst enjoying myself. The routines are easy to follow and the music choice inspiring and so catchy. During lockdown, it’s Caroline’s virtual classes that I have always looked forward to and has lifted me. A very talented fun-loving Zumba instructor.”
  • Monday 7-8 Clyst Heath Primary •Thursday 5.30-6.30 Whimple victory hall •Friday 10-11 Ottery Leisure

Cost: 45min class £5

Venue: Whimple Victory Hall, Clyst Heath Nursery


The best yoga fitness classes in Exeter

I have spent many years in and around yoga practice. I love yoga as a mind-body discipline and the wonderful full body stretches.  I have dedicated an entire blog to the best yoga studios in Exeter you can find it here



The best Jazzercise fitness class in Exeter

Jazzercise blends dance, Pilates, yoga, kickboxing and strength training and it is huge in the USA; it mixes in dance moves with the latest hit music so the classes are always different.

According to the website, a  55-minute Jazzercise session can burn up to 800 calories, it will improve your strength and will reduce stress; by allowing you to express your emotions and creativity.

‘Jazzercise makes working out fun. It really works the entire body from head to toe with an amazing workout in just 1 hour. The problem with other workouts, they get too easy and I end up getting bored. Jazzercise keeps you alert and motivated’

Venue: Dean Clarke Gardens, Exeter

Cost: £49/month or £80 for a 10 Class Package

Drop-in cost: £12

The best Adult Dance exercises in Exeter

DanSci Dance Studio is welcoming, friendly, and a great place to enjoy dancing and keep fit. It is an award-winning DanSci Dance Studio.  Its fitness classes are for all ages to enjoy.

Testimonials from clients include:

‘A wonderful welcoming studio, beautiful bright space, fabulous floor, lots of different classes for all ages. It is an excellent resource for Exeter’ 

Classes on offer: commercial street dance, contemporary dance, back to ballet beginners, progressing ballet, adult tap, ballet fusion, HIIT and tone bikini Bootcamp

Venue: DanSci Dance Studio, Summerland Street Exeter,

Cost: Termly fee

Drop in: £7

Pilates classes

Which fitness class will you try?

I have been teaching Pilates in the Exeter community for over 20 years highly qualified and experienced.  Whilst I teach Pilates, my passion is helping people get fitter and healthier, whatever route you decide to take.

Please drop me a line in the comments below or reach out to me on my Pilates website Let me know which fitness classes in Exeter you have enjoyed. My list is not exhaustive and I would love to add your comments and thoughts.


Looking to step back and relax – how about a Wellbeing retreat?

Would you benefit from a Pilates Retreat? A healthy and relaxing week combining powerful tools to help you relax, release stress find out more about your Greek Journey to Wholeness. 

Everyone needs to travel to an unforgettable place once in their lifetime. Lefkada, is known as the ‘Caribbean of Greece’, the retreat over-looks the Ionian sea, designed to bring inner calm and the ultimate environment in which to escape 3rd-10th October 2021. Hosted by Katie and Adele, two highly experienced Pilates teachers and retreat leaders.

Enjoy daily Pilates in the fully equipped studio which faces south and east. Your mind unwinds while the first soft, warm sunbeams hit your body energising it with the most positive start to a new day.

Greek Wellbeing Retreat


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