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I really like your cheerful style and thorough approach to teaching.

Primary School teacher - retired and counsellor

“I really enjoy the classes and find them hard at times though not impossible or unduly tough. My balance varies from time to time and I sometimes don’t grasp the routines immediately but I love it when I suddenly click into a move which my body remembers from years of practice. It fits so well with the yoga I have done previously (and still do occasionally). I do tai chi on a regular basis, too, and your moves often flow in harmony with my tai chi practice.
I really like your cheerful style and thorough approach to teaching. I always look forward to coming and always come away vitalised and uplifted – a brilliant start to my week.
I think I am fairly flexible in spite of stiffness in my back with certain moves and some other postural issues, but I know the pilates can only help with these. Thankfully I have no major back injuries.”
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Andrea Ostle

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Good Lord, what have you done to me?

It was great to be back in a live class after 19 months, but a shock to discover just how much my legs had grown and at the same time my arms had shrunk. I’m sure I used to be able to touch the floor? (That’s a lie, never ever been that bendy!)
But now, 2 days on, my core feels like it’s never been used and I can’t get out of bed without making noises.  I’ve had to roll onto my front, ease my way up onto all fours and sidle out sideways.  #graceful NOT!
That’ll teach me for skipping Pilates homework.  See you next week for more of the same 🤣


Ruth Weeks Rubber Duck

Business Owner - Plumbing

Today someone else wanted to join in!

“Second day of doing your online Pilates and today someone else wanted to join in!  Thanks very much, I love it. Determined to get the glutes working!!”

Delighted to hear that Emily and daughter are loving home Pilates join in get the family involved and inspired.

Home Pilates

Emily Burgess

Business Owner - Consumer Brand Marketer

Loved how challenging it felt. I was totally in the zone

“I just wanted to email to say how much I loved class this evening. I always enjoy your class very much (not least because it’s the only hour of the week that I don’t have a child attached to me in one way or another!) but tonight just knocked the socks off of all others. Being outside is wonderful but I just loved how challenging it felt. I was totally in the zone. I feel I’m back to where I was pre-baby, if not stronger. And that is thanks to you. I think you’re incredible – so funny, so positive, so uplifting and so inspirational. Thank you!

I have so much love for Pilates – in fact, my dream is to be able to get up in the morning and just do my own Pilates routine, just make it up and go with it. I’ll get there, one day!”

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Kim Bradford

Kimberley Bradford

Busy professional working mum of 2

Pilates and sunshine every day

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