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Everything You Need to Know About My Spanish Health and Wellbeing Retreat

Everything You Need to Know About My Spanish Health and Wellbeing Retreat

A wellbeing retreat is all about letting go, a chance to rejuvenate, heal and transform the relationship you have with yourself and those you love.  The opportunity to step back and reevaluate what is important without any distractions and move forward with more purpose towards a happier life.  Retreats are transformational.   This article will outline and explore everything you need to know about my Spanish Health and Wellbeing Retreat. What you can expect from a retreat and the details around the Spanish retreat.

The article will go into details about what you can expect to get from a retreat, travel details, the costs, the beautiful natural and tranquil environment and even discuss the structure of the day and any excursions you may like to participate in.  If you have any questions don’t hesitate to drop me a message in the comments at the bottom of the article and I will get straight back to you.

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What would you get from going on a retreat?

The most important thing you will get from going on a retreat is time to connect and get back in touch with yourself to restore your inner peace and calm.  A retreat is a way of taking time out and assessing life decisions that enables you to bring clarity to the direction in your life and any challenges and opportunities that lay ahead.

If you are looking for rest and a tranquil scene, then this retreat will be perfect for you. The retreat includes Pilates and meditation daily alongside some quality time relaxing and enjoying some soulful rest. My lovely retreat host and I will put together a gentle timetable that includes daily Pilates, guided meditations, rest, relaxation, and of course reading and a bit of sunbathing

The retreat will be an opportunity to detox from life’s busyness and allow you to relax and enjoy some great healthy food and calming Pilates exercise.

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Where does this retreat take place?

This Spanish Serenity retreat venue is situated in the heart of Spain.   Andalucia is the southern region of Spain and it is world-famous for its amazing climate, flamenco, tapas, fiestas, beaches and diverse geography.

The retreat is in a beautiful part of Spain which is a wonderful place and a great location to explore Andalucia. A walk up the valley between the olive groves and you will be able to buy fresh vegetables from the local market and enjoy tapas and fino in one of the bars – fino is the local dry sherry.

You can book your 7 day Spanish Serenity retreat click here

What is the villa like that you stay in?

A beautiful big home which is set in large secluded gardens, with a private swimming pool, surrounded by hills and olive groves. There is a purpose-built Pilates deck overlooking the countryside, where you can relax and enjoy listening to the sounds of the birds and relax in style and comfort.

​There is excellent access to the vibrant cities of southern Spain – Granada, Seville, Córdoba, Ronda and Málaga.

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How many guests take part in the retreat?

There will be a maximum of 11 guests and 2 hosts; with 10 comfortable bedrooms and 7 bathrooms.

There are single rooms available at a small supplement, feel free to email me and let me know if you would like a single room with an ensuite.

What if I don’t like the other guests?

Sending time with like-minded fellow retreaters is part of the experience, new friendships are formed and insights gathered from other people’s experiences are priceless. Take away the stress of your normal day and you’ll soon realise that there are lovely supportive friendships to be made.

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What activities will you do on my health retreat?

There is a daily gentle guide to activities that are available to you.  You are very welcome to join all the day’s events or simply find yourself resting and relaxing. You’ll be using tried and tested Pilates methods to truly understand your body and as a relaxation tool; as well as guided meditations and simple and effective yoga.

This retreat is about finding out what you need.

  • 7:30am Early morning guided meditation
  • 9:00am Breakfast
  • 10:30am Daily Pilates
  • Snack for lunch
  • Reading and relaxing, walk to the nearby village
  • 16:00 Wellbeing Session
  • 17:00 Yoga session
  • 19:00 Evening meal – vegetarian
  • Places are booking up > Click here to book your place

What food will you enjoy?

The food on the retreat is lovingly prepared using the freshest local ingredients.  We will prepare a wide variety of healthy nutritious, vegetarian meals.  Ensuring that the meals are well-balanced with a great variety.

The meals are created to get the right balance of macros including enough protein from lots of different types of foods including pulses like quinoa.  The meals combine cereals and legumes as ‘complementary’ proteins for example beans and rice or houmous and bread which will provide a biologically ‘complete’ protein.

This thoughtful and creative planning ensures that each meal is delicious as well as incredibly healthy.

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The important question…how hot is it?

Similar to the majority of Spain in April; Andalucia has pleasant temperatures with beautiful blue skies. The temperature begins to steadily increase during April reaching 20 ºC on occasions and peaking at an average of 21.8 ºC. However light winds or breezes feeding in throughout the day will make the days feel cooler.

Spring and early summer is the best time of the year to travel to Spain. It’s a period of mild temperatures across the area and with spring comes an abundance of nature and freshness.  But if you are looking for a warmer climate then read this article Everything You Need to Know About my Greek Health and Wellbeing Retreat

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How much will the Spanish Retreat cost?

Find out more about the Spanish Serenity Pilates Escape click here

  • Investment: £1,090
  • Includes a non-returnable deposit £145
  • Plus 3 monthly payments of £315 based on shared accommodation, instalments start Jan 2023.

The first payment of £145 is a non-returnable deposit and will secure your place. Three further payments of £315 are paid in 3 monthly successions. Your flight payment is not included in this price.

This includes breakfast and lunch throughout your restful stay.

PLUS evening meals for 5 out of the 7 evenings, on two evenings we shall enjoy evenings out.

The investment is based on a twin room sharing or a single room with a shared bathroom.

All your classes, meditation and tutoring are part of the package.

What a wonderful experience and I can’t wait to share it with you

Your investment is £315 x 3 payments which will be across 3 consecutively monthly payments. This payment doesn’t include your flight, but if you do book the Bristol to Malaga flight outlined in the booking form I will arrange transport to the retreat.

What are the dates of the retreat?

The retreat dates are 22nd-29th April 2023

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How will it improve your health and well-being?

If you are like some of my other clients who find it difficult it is for you to stand still or to treat yourself without feeling guilty or anxious.  When you do take the time to love yourself, to treat yourself kindly, the reward to those around you is considerable, and everyone benefits.

How often do you have the chance to step back from your day and … breathe? I want to offer you space, time and some peace to connect back to how you feel. The space allows you to relax. As a busy working mum, I know what juggling can do to your frazzled brain and tired body.  This wonderful Spanish retreat will give you the time and peace you crave.

There will be an abundance of fun and calming activities including:

  • Pilates will help you to stretch and unwind
  • Simple reflection time to calm your thoughts
  • Guided meditations will help you to step back a gear
  • Healthy eating will kick-start your health goals
  • Company of others to help you to re-focus on yourself and feel comfortable that you are not on your own.
  • Book your relaxation time  click here

It will be a joyous and wonderful experience, giving you the opportunity to reset and recharge

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How will you feel after the retreat?

If you find sitting quietly isn’t possible, then after this retreat, you will know that mindfulness and stillness can be approached in a different route. A way of being that becomes part of your day. It is as simple as becoming aware of yourself and I know from experience that once you understand something you can never ‘unlearn’ it.

You will come away from this retreat with new skills to approach life’s ups and downs.  Your challenges will be viewed from a different perspective

What is your next step…

You know you benefit from a holiday, spending time away from your daily chores imagine how life-changing a retreat would be. A retreat is not just a holiday it is an experience. A retreat is reflection time, time for you, time to put life into perspective and find out what you need.

There are limited spaces available on this retreat with 2 coaches who are dedicated to your well-being, health and happiness.  There are only a few spaces available. If you have any concerns or questions please feel free to email me straight back and I’ll be happy to answer any questions.

Places are booking up > Click here to book your place

Next steps

If you are looking to create a calmer lifestyle and attend a Pilates health retreat feel free to email me to discuss your requirements

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