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Is Pilates only for people with a bad back?

Is Pilates only for people with a bad back

Is Pilates only for people with a dodgy back?

Pilates is an essential part of everybody’s daily health care.
Pilates is the basis of everything you do. I refer to Pilates as the platform for life.

Mummies need Pilates

Pilates is perfect for you, returning to exercise after childbirth. Pilates is perfect to strengthen your pelvic floor and get your muscles back in shape so you can get on with looking after little Freddy 🙂

Runners need Pilates

Then you need Pilates to help lengthen your hamstrings and give you the ability to run faster.

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Returning to exercise after an injury?

Pilates is the perfect way to get back up to speed after an injury, low-impact and concentrates on perfecting your technique and inner strength.

Whatever your reasons for Pilates know that you are in safe hands. I have been teaching for over 18 years and I love it.
Ideally, you should be practising Pilates at least twice a week to get the full benefit.

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