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Embrace Wholeness on Pilates Retreat Greece

Pilates holiday in Greece

Discover the epitome of wellness and tranquillity on our meticulously curated Pilates holidays Greece. From Sunday 6th to 13th October 2024, immerse yourself in a transformative 7-day retreat that harmoniously blends the ancient practices of Pilates and Yoga with the restorative beauty of the Greek landscape.

Embrace Wholeness on Pilates Retreat Greece: Your 7-Day Odyssey in Lefkada

Pilates Holidays Greek Beach
Pilates Holidays Greek Beach

Set in Lefkada, the jewel of the Ionian Sea, our retreat promises not just a getaway but a profound journey towards inner peace and rejuvenation.

A Luxurious Haven Overlooking the Ionian Sea

Nestled in the stunning Urania Greek Villas, our Pilates holidays Greece offer an escape to ‘the Caribbean of Greece’. Here, every villa, every view, and every moment is intentionally designed to foster inner calm, offering you the ultimate environment to disconnect from the hustle and escape into a world of serene luxury.

Embark on Your Three-Phase Journey to Wholeness

Our Greek retreat is more than just Pilates holidays; it’s a holistic experience crafted around three transformative phases: Relax, Reset, and Refocus. Begin your journey by releasing the burdens of everyday life, then gently shift your mindset to embrace change and growth. The journey culminates in our bespoke aftercare program, ensuring that the serenity, clarity, and strength you rediscover remain your guiding stars long after your return home.

Expert Guidance by Renowned Practitioners

Under the stewardship of Isabelle & Adele, highly acclaimed Pilates and Yoga instructors, your Pilates holidays Greece blend professional expertise and heartfelt passion. Participate in daily sessions of Pilates and Yoga in our sea-view studio, allowing the gentle rhythm of the waves to enhance your practice.

Indulge in Authentic Greek Cuisine

Our Pilates holidays Greece are a celebration of not just spiritual and physical wellbeing but also a culinary delight. Relish traditional Greek dishes, each a testament to Mediterranean cuisine’s freshness, purity, and local charm. Every meal is an opportunity to nourish your body and soul, complementing your wellness journey.

Pilates holidays in Greece What do we eat?
Pilates holidays in Greece What do we eat?

Watch our retreat video and meet our wonderful hosts, Ouriana and Illias. Click here to view


A Tapestry of Soulful Activities

From sunrise to sunset, our retreat is alive with activities that enrich your experience. Embrace the stillness of morning meditations, feel the vitality in Pilates sessions, and unwind with yoga as the day fades. Explore a range of meditative practices designed to still the mind and instil a deep sense of equanimity.

Pilates holidays in Greece Kate's comments
Pilates Holidays in Greece Kates’s comments

To find out what our guests thought of their experience, click here to watch Kate’s thoughts on the retreat


Personalised Wellness with Expert Masseuse Stella

Enhance your retreat with therapeutic sessions by Stella, a renowned masseuse with over two decades of expertise. Choose from a menu of massage therapies tailored to your body’s unique needs, ensuring that your journey to relaxation and rejuvenation is as personal as it is profound.

Private Pool Pilates Holidays in Greece
Private Pool Pilates Holidays in Greece

Invest in Your Journey to Wholeness

Select the accommodation that resonates with your spirit:

  • Shared Occupancy: £1,855 (includes £145 non-returnable deposit)
  • Single Occupancy: £2,260 (includes £145 non-returnable deposit)

(Note: Flights from Gatwick to Preveza, Greece, will be booked separately.)

Jump into the Ionian Sea. Click here to read more


Join Our Pilates Holidays Greece

Whether you’re drawn by the allure of Pilates, the depth of Yoga, or the simple desire to bask in the untouched beauty of Lefkada’s beaches and seas, our retreat is a siren call to those seeking more than just a holiday. Visit our booking page to secure your spot on this life-affirming journey. For any questions, reach out to

Answer the Greek sun’s call, the Ionian Sea’s soothing waves, and Pilates’s transformative power. Join us in Lefkada, and together, let’s embark on a journey to embrace wholeness on our Pilates holidays Greece.

Pilates holidays in Greece
Pilates holidays in Greece

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