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Pilates and Prolapse what you need to know

My passion is Pilates, I love it. But there are some moves you need to be careful of if you have a ‘prolapse’. I was asked about it again this week so I thought I would outline a few things to help. Pilates should be a big part of your life and I would love you to practise it safely.

Sit ups

Sit ups are NOT the best exercise to do to ‘tone’ the abdominals when you do them ‘old style’. You know the way they used to teach sit-ups in school or in a circuit class.

single leg stretch pool small

In Pilates, you work on smaller more intense sit up. However, this is one to definitely avoid when you have a prolapsed pelvic organ. Sit-ups put a tremendous amount of pressure down on the pelvic floor and I’ve had many a client over the years ask me: “So, when I do a sit up and my pelvic floor kind of pushes out, is that good?”.

Umm…seriously, no it isn’t!

You need to check your technique for pooching or doming of the tummy. This means you’ve lost control of your core, and your six-pack muscle is taking over.

The Plank

Most people perform The Plank less than perfectly. I challenge you to do The Plank for a minute without engaging your 6 pack (Rectus Abdominus) for at least some of the time. Have a peak down through the neck/front of your T-shirt at your ab. Do you see what I mean?

Spending a ‘minute’ or 10minutes doing the plank is too long and to be avoided if you are worried about prolapse.

Plank copy

Jumping Jacks

You’re potentially rolling your eyes are this one, because it’s so obvious, but – quite honestly. Anyone, male or female with pelvic floor problem will not feel comfortable with this move. Instead, march on the spot or half jack with no impact.

Double Leg Lifts

If you personally can execute this exercise effectively without pooing yourself, then a round of applause for you! Joking. It’s a tough, though, isn’t it?

The goal for Double Leg Lifts is to challenge the Transverse Abdominus and maintain a neutral pelvis, not to apply tremendous pressure so the Rectus Abodminus ‘domes’ or ‘pooches’ out, which is what most people do.

So keep the movement to a minimum and only lift both legs and/or your head if you feel that are able to keep your deep abdominal (TA) down and contracted.

Back bend small

Let me know what you think and if you are interested in more Pilates moves to try my Pilates at home, click here to find out more

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