Meditation and Pilates LIVE WORKSHOP Sunday 21st January

Meditation, Pilates & Nutrition

A healthy and relaxing day on Sunday 21st January 2018 to get you back in gear after the Christmas excess The workshop will be an interesting and educational day which will also have healthy snacks, lunch, conversation and calming exercise.

The event is going to be themed on: ‘Meditation, Pilates & Nutrition’

Date:  Sunday 21sth January 2018

Venue: Newcourt Community Centre, Blakeslee Dr, Exeter EX2 7AY


All snacks and the lunch will cater for vegetarians and vegans. I will be using nuts, if you have any allergies please let me know on our call.


– Energy protein power balls

– Coconut Chia Pots


– Quinoa Chilli

Nutritional notes:

– Quinoa is renowned for its protein content, however, it is the type of protein that is important here. It has the perfect balance of all nine amino acids essential for human nutrition. Also has a good dose of fibre and iron.

– Chilli is great in the winter to kick-start your digestive system as it often becomes sluggish at this point.

– Cocoa is incredible. It is one of the most nutrient-dense foods in the world. Cacao has the highest Orac (Oxygen Radical Absorption Capacity) rating of all foods, meaning it is the most potent antioxidant to keep your entire system healthy. It also has one of the richest contents of magnesium.

– Chia: originally grown in Mexico, ‘chia; means strength in the Mayan language. Used by warriors to sustain them over 24 hours. The reason chia seeds are so beneficial is that they are rich in omega 3 fats, fibre, protein, vitamins and minerals. Mighty little seeds! Also very high in antioxidants so good for inflammation in the body.

If there any preferences that you might have you can let me know on the first call. 

Timings & Agenda 

9:45am     Arrival

10am         Introductions

10:15am    Grounding meditation

10:30am   Pilates

11:15am     Break – Protein balls

11:00am    Mindfulness Presentation &Nutritional health

12pm         Questions

12:15pm    Break – chia pots

12:30pm   Relaxation

12:45pm   Meditation & Stretches

1:15pm     Lunch & Complete Feedback questionnaire

2pm         Departure


I want to able to support you with this day and see how you can get the most of our time together in terms of your health. 

Before our day together in JANUARY, I would like to invite you to a call with me so we can establish what you want to achieve. What you are struggling with and what you would love the day to help you with.

After the workshop I will ring you again, to see what you enjoyed and any comments you may like to add. I am really keen to help you plan out how you can take your health to the next step, so these calls are a perfect way to plan that.

Book your call in with me click here – the allocated time is an hour but it will only take 15mins initially. Please add ‘workshop’ to the booking information.

Investment for your healthy workshop 

The event will be small and intimate with the opportunity to explore personal issues. Therefore I am ensuring that numbers are small and restricted. I won’t be able to save spaces without payment.


Hope to see you there

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Previous workshop comments:

Vanina joined me for a personal workshop gathering based on Meditation and Menopause

Her thoughts:

“The social gathering of like-minded ladies was brilliant. I loved making the space for a meditation I knew that they were powerful but I had no idea how powerful your meditation would be. I always knew food would support the menopause and perimenopause – your workshop confirmed my thinking.
Thanks for a great day”

Vanina Colomb- Freelance Translator 13th November 2017

Louise explains how she felt nervous and apprehensive before attending Adele’s Get Gorgeous meditation and menopause workshop:

“meditation and menopause workshop was informative, spiritual it felt like an open and safe place to discuss my symptoms and feelings.   Previously I had learnt to tolerate pain and disorder and lacked confidence and I felt very nervous attending this live event but I came out the other side with a very different perception. I loved your education and the biochemistry was very detailed and affirmed what I had vaguely thought and known.

It was a relief to know that I was normal, instead of thinking I was losing my mind as well as my body. The homework and thinking time before the event was well matched and flowed through the workshop. I loved your detail.

Thank you”

Louise Wraith Business owner 18th November 2017



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  1. Helen says:

    Hi Adele – I loved the November workshop too – great venue great company and great food. I resolved to bring more warm layers for the next time too as like Vanina I felt cold as we lay still in the meditation. But it was such a refreshing companionable and revitalising day xx

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