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You can enjoy your safe cardio and Pilates workouts online direct to your home

£25 a month – one new workout each week!

Here's how it works:

  • Healthy, low impact exercise and Pilates delivered via email
  • Pilates PLUS heart-strengthening workouts that fit around your schedule
  • A safe exercise programme that is catered for you
  • Each exercise is taught at 3 levels of abilities
  • Gain strength and fitness in the privacy of your own home
  • Safe and effective ‘cardio’ workouts with no high impact
  • Fresh innovative workouts sent out every two weeks.


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  • 2 NEW videos every two weeks delivered straight to your inbox
  • Fitness fun with Adele x
  • If you haven’t sworn at me within the first 15mins of exercise you are not having enough fun 😉
  • Direct access to your personal coach
  • NO long-term commitment
  • Videos emailed directly to your email click and go – EASY
  • All you need is Wifi and a mat


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I really like your cheerful style and thorough approach to teaching.

“I really enjoy the classes and find them hard at times though not impossible or unduly tough. My balance varies from time to time and I sometimes don’t grasp the routines immediately but I love it when I suddenly click into a move which my body remembers from years of practice. It fits so well with the yoga I have done previously (and still do occasionally). I do tai chi on a regular basis, too, and your moves often flow in harmony with my tai chi practice.
I really like your cheerful style and thorough approach to teaching. I always look forward to coming and always come away vitalised and uplifted – a brilliant start to my week.
I think I am fairly flexible in spite of stiffness in my back with certain moves and some other postural issues, but I know the pilates can only help with these. Thankfully I have no major back injuries.”
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Andrea Ostle Primary School teacher - retired and counsellor Adele's Pilates online 22nd January 2019


by Adele Stickland