What do you need to bring to a Pilates class?


You will need to bring:

1. Health Safety Questionnaire – download it here

2. A hand towel to place under your head – not because you are perspiring so much!

3. Small hand weights 1kg or 2lbs – sports shop or online at Amazon

4. Pilates 1.2m band, bring your own or purchase one from me £6

5. Warm comfortable, layered clothes – no leotards required ladies or gentlemen!

5. An apple for the teacher!

Pilates socks are always a great idea because they have great grip. If you do not have Pilates socks, then it is advisable to wear no socks when-when we are performing standing Pilates work and stand off the mat, to avoid slipping. Once the Adele’s Pilates floor work begins it is advisable to put socks on to avoid cramping.

If you are to practise Pilates in the comfort of your own home click here



Find out what others have to say about Adele’s Pilates…

Vanina joined me for a personal workshop gathering based on Meditation and Menopause

Her thoughts:

“The social gathering of like-minded ladies was brilliant. I loved making the space for a meditation I knew that they were powerful but I had no idea how powerful your meditation would be. I always knew food would support the menopause and perimenopause – your workshop confirmed my thinking.
Thanks for a great day”

Vanina Colomb- Freelance Translator 13th November 2017


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