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How do you join and what do you need to know about a Pilates class?

How do you join and what do you need to know about a Pilates class

This blog will tell you everything you need to know about how you can join a Pilates class and everything you need to know about a Pilates class. If you are feeling a little unsure about joining a Pilates class this article will help to reassure you and make you feel comfortable about what to expect.

Welcome to Pilates – here is what you need to know

Firstly thank you very much for your enquiry into our Pilates classes, I am delighted that you are interested. You will find everything you need to know in this article as well as looking around my website

Now is a great time to start thinking of ways to ease back into your Pilates and your fitness routine. If you’ve been away from Pilates for more than a few weeks, then I would strongly encourage you to do some homework via my YouTube channel otherwise the first session may be a little sore around your tummy!

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How do you join and what do you need to know about a Pilates class?

You are very welcome to try out the free Pilates workout by downloading the session from my website and you will also find ‘free’ sessions on my Health and Wellness YouTube channel

What is Pilates and how does it work?

Pilates is a meditational method that will also improve concentration and improve stress management as well as relaxation so that teams are feeling better able to cope with daily stress

The physical health benefits of Pilates include improved flexibility, improved stabilisation of the spine which means significantly fewer back, neck and shoulder issues and time off work.

Pilates improves posture and physical wellness as well as emotional well-being creating a happier you


 I talk a lot about this in my best-selling book, Gorgeous! If you want to make nutritional changes but feel overwhelmed and confused by conflicting information and you’re left bewildered where to start then pick up a copy of Gorgeous!

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Who is Adele and how long has she been teaching?

I’m a mum of three, and I’ve been teaching Pilates for over 20 years in and around Exeter. I’m a level 3 qualified instructor and I am constantly retaining and retaining my advanced Pilates qualifications.

My favourite thing is to host Pilates retreats in Europe and a day retreat in Devon. I love the energy and relaxation these events bring. You can find out more about my Pilates afternoon retreat click here

Plus I am also the founder of Get Gorgeous, an online platform dedicated to inspiring and empowering women to have great health.

Get Gorgeous evolved whilst working in an ambitious and stressful full-time corporate job, I juggled keeping myself safe and nurtured while caring for my family. Like many, I crashed out of the corporate world and pursued her passion in health and Pilates. Then I quickly qualified as a nutritionist, fitness professional and accredited Life Coach.

Adele Stickland Corporate resilience Trainer

Educating hundreds of women on the role of nutrition, movement and having a healthy mindset. Having worked in the health industry for over 20 years, my nutritional website and blogs reach hundreds of people every month, and hundreds more attend my live Pilates classes, workshops and retreats.

A powerful combination of personal experience and industry background means that I’m ideally placed to understand the needs of those looking to get healthier, stronger and fitter.


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Welcome to Adele’s Pilates

How do I book a Pilates class?

Pilates places are booked on a term basis.  You’ll find all the dates, prices and term dates on my website so you can choose the date and time that suits you.  If you do decide to book and pay online then your place is secure.  You will receive a receipt immediately, so please check your junk mail and keep your receipt as confirmation of your place.

When you are ready you can book online via the website

Once you have booked and paid online your place is secure, you will receive a receipt immediately, so please check your junk mail and keep your receipt as confirmation of your place.


How often do you need to practice Pilates?

Pilates should ideally be practised twice a week to reap the benefits and you can SUBSCRIBE to my Health and Wellbeing YouTube channel – click here – so you can view more Pilates workouts.  Hit the SUBSCRIBE and say yes to notifications you’ll be sent the latest Pilates workout straight to your inbox each week


What do you need to bring to a live Pilates class?

Here is a list of items that you need to bring along with you to your first session. If you don’t have all that you need then drop me an email and I’ll see if I can assist

  • a Pilates mat
  • hand towel to place under your head
  • Pilates band (if you don’t have one you can purchase one online
    Visit my online Pilates shop
  • Face mask on entry and leaving – not whilst practising Pilates
  • sanitiser for your hands
  • Completed health questionnaire

I would be grateful if you would complete the attached questionnaire and email it back to me.  Click here to download your Health Questionnaire

When you have been practising Pilates for a while, you may like to invest in some small hand weights around 1 to 2lbs or 1kg.  You can purchase them from any sports shop or online.

How do I stay updated with what to bring to Pilates?

The best way to connect on a weekly basis is to stay social and link up with me on my Instagram channel where I post all the latest Pilates updates.  In addition, another great resource is my Pilates Health and Wellbeing channel on Youtube subscribe here to my health and wellness youtube channel

How hard will the first Pilates session be?

I’ve been teaching Pilates for a number of years and therefore I am able to increase and decrease the level of intensity of each exercise and each session to the participants.

Typically every exercise is catered for beginners, intermediate and advanced so you will quickly find your level.

If you’d like to try a quick session have a look at this 10 minute Pilates session here. Find out a little more about me and how I teach Pilates, watch the video below >

Prefer to try a Pilates session? Watch My Video:
10 Minutes Pilates workout


Don’t forget….

Adele’s Pilates channel on YouTube for your homework and to stay in shape!!! Click here for Adele’s Pilates channel YouTube: Click here

How do I stay Covid safe whilst in a Pilates class?

I would be grateful if you would make take a few moments to read the blog and watch the video on Covid Safety in class.  Pilates Classes Out of Lockdown: New Schedule & How to Book

Online Pilates

What else do I need about booking a Pilates class?

Here are Adele’s Pilates Terms and Conditions, have a look through them and let me know if you have a concern, as they are makeup part of the booking terms and conditions.

• Classes are 55 minutes long.
• Classes are non-refundable and non-transferable.
• Classes must be paid in full and in advance, at least one week of the course.
• On attending the first class, no refund can be given for the cancellation of the term.
• Classes are valid for the duration of the course for which they were registered.
• There is no transferral of classes from term to term, course to course or person to person
• NO swaps during or after the term
• Classes may be cancelled due to circumstances out of your Instructor’s control e.g. poor weather conditions, sickness, Covid refunds will not be given.


What is next for you?

Trust that all help; drop me an email at and let me know your thoughts. In the meantime what do you think about a Pilates retreat?  I run a few every year, let me ask you a few questions to see if you are ready for a Pilates retreat

Answer “yes” to one of these questions then a Pilates retreat 🧘🏽‍♀️  with me is your right choice:

✔︎ I want to rest, de-stress and strengthen my body

I want to deepen my Pilates practice and expand my knowledge

I like to meet like-minded Pilates friends

I enjoy sandy beaches, sun and the salty sea

I want to be truly in touch with myself

Try dipping your toes into a half-day retreat in Exeter click here to read more

How will Pilates retreat improve your health and wellbeing?

Pilates and guided meditation retreats
Pilates and guided meditation retreats

A retreat is a perfect opportunity to escape the demands of modern life and take some time out to breathe, relax and recharge.  If like many clients you believe that meditation is difficult, and you have too many busy thoughts and clearing your mind is not something you can do easily, then space, time and gentle exercise will give you the opportunity. Pilates has risen in popularity because it is the stepping stone to a calmer life without the pressure of complete silence it is the gateway. Pilates, like yoga, uses your body as a relaxation tool.

Meditation is not about sitting in silence and clearing your mind. That comes after practise, but what does come is a wonderful sense of calm and wellbeing. A sense of well being from being in a quiet space with time to think.

Pilates early morning sun

How will you feel after the retreat?

You will love the opportunity that you have had to detox from life’s busyness.  You will return home feeling relaxed and healthy after the amazing Greek homemade food.  Feeling a sense of deep calm from the restorative Pilates practice so that you can return to life, with renewed vigour and energy.

If you are looking to find out more about other retreats in Europe read this article What are the best retreat holidays In Europe?

Places are booking up, so what next

If you would love the opportunity to detox from life’s intensity and join a wonderful retreat that is designed to balance your life through acceptance, nourishment, connection, and empowerment then click here and follow your intuition and your path to Greece



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