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What do you need to know about my Pilates Retreat Greece?

Everything you need to know about my Greek Pilates Retreat

A Pilates retreat Greece is not just a holiday; it is an experience.  A retreat is reflection time, time for you.  It gives you the time to put life into perspective and find out what you need.  You know you benefit from a holiday, spending time away from your daily chores imagine how life-changing a retreat would be? It is time to step away from your everyday dramas and responsibilities. Let go, release and renew so that you can be the best possible version of yourself and those you love. This article will outline everything you need to know about my Greek Health and Wellbeing Retreat, the venue, the costs, the experience and what you will come away with.

The healing power of a retreat is to be experienced to be truly understood, to remove the mask of your everyday life is powerful. If you are not sure what a health and wellness retreat read this article What is a Health and Wellness Retreat?

Pilates Retreat Greece


This Pilates Retreat Greece is an amazing and healing experience where you will be able to relax and unwind in a space that offers you the opportunity to be ‘you’. The person you were in your 20s with all the dreams and ambitions.

You can relax with relative strangers who don’t know your role as a carer, leader or stressed-out exec.  You can hit the reset button after going at 90mph for so many years and finding clarity when you’ve lost who you are. The experience is transformational.  If you are interested in finding out more about the most common (and annoying!) misconceptions about Health and Wellbeing Retreats.

Where does this retreat take place?

This gorgeous Yoga and Pilates Retreat Greece retreat week is on the Greek island of Lefkada. Over the week you will discover the beauty of Lefkada which is located in the Ionian Sea.  The magical island of Lefkada is a place that is illuminated with positive energy, the colours, and nature allow your thoughts to float and allow you to truly escape, release your stress, open your mind and make your inner self relax.

Swimming pool

What is the accommodation like?

Lefkada Greek retreat is set on a clifftop in a wooded hill overlooking the beautiful bay of Vassiliki in the Greek Ionian Sea, it is a peaceful and secluded spot, perfect for anyone who would appreciate watching the sunrise over the sea, gazing out towards the other tiny islands surrounded by turquoise waters.

The retreat is across 3 villas each with its own pool.

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Lefkada is a very special place, when you arrive, from the very first moment, there is an instant feeling of serenity, relaxation, and peace. The venue is within the range of a powerful energy triangle, formed by three different temples of Apollo.

How many guests take part in the retreat?

Spread across 3 villas – each with its own pool, there are 12 guests, 2 hosts plus our local chef Ourania

Two Pilates/Yoga and guided meditation coaches who are dedicated to your well being, health and happiness.

What sort of activities do you do on a Pilates retreat Greece?

This retreat is a perfect introduction to yoga, Pilates, guided meditation and the creative, interesting world of retreats.

Our daily activities include:

  • Early morning guided meditation
  • Breakfast
  • Restful Pilates
  • Reading and relaxing, walking
  • Afternoon chat/coaching
  • Yoga
  • Evening meal

This journey is a wonderful opportunity to connect deeper with yourself and give yourself the gift of self-care. To reconnect with the person you once were and the dreams you once had. Not with a feeling of loss of those dreams but recapture the essence and with a new purpose and direction to follow where you are going next.

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Whilst embracing your spirit of adventure you will also enjoy the connection that only travel, Pilates, yoga, and love can bring to a group of strangers and turn into a family.

Space and time will empower you to bring the acceptance, love, activity, nourishment, and connection found on this trip, home with you. Bringing acceptance and love for yourself through the daily practice of Pilates, yoga, and guided meditation. As you learn how to balance your life and live it to the fullest

You will be very welcome to join all the day’s events or simply find yourself resting and relaxing.

This retreat is about finding out what you need whilst nourishing your body with the most delicious Mediterranean cuisine.


lefkas villa 2 13


What food will you enjoy?

Ourania is very proud of her Greek cuisine, she sources the freshest ingredients daily together with her son she invites you to taste the most amazing food.

Prefer Video? Watch My Video:
What Do We Eat On Our Pilates Retreats in Greece?

The important question…how hot is it?

Late summer is the best time to visit Greece it has great weather, smaller crowds and a fun active atmosphere. The warmest weather in Greece and the Greek islands is between late May and early October when it’s sunny, warm, and the water is good for swimming.

The average temperature this month is 19°C, while the average low is 15°C and the average high is a pleasant 23°C.

Luxury villa

What are the dates of the Pilates Retreat Greece?

The retreat dates are 8th-15th October 2023

How will it improve your health and wellbeing?

A retreat is a perfect opportunity to escape the demands of modern life and take some time out to breathe, relax and recharge.  If like many clients you believe that meditation is difficult, you have too many busy thoughts and clearing your mind is not something you can do easily, then space, time and gentle exercise will give you the opportunity. Pilates Retreat Greece has risen in popularity because it is the stepping stone to a calmer life without the pressure of complete silence it is the gateway. Pilates, like yoga, uses your body as a relaxation tool.

Meditation is not about sitting in silence and clearing your mind. That comes after practice, but what does come is a wonderful sense of calm and wellbeing. A sense of well being from being in a quiet space with time to think.

Pilates early morning sun

How will you feel after the retreat?

You will love the opportunity that you have had to detox from life’s busyness.  You will return home feeling relaxed and healthy after the amazing Greek homemade food.  Feeling a sense of deep calm from the restorative Pilates practice so that you can return to life, with renewed vigour and energy.

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Places are booking up, so what next

If you would love the opportunity to detox from life’s intensity and join a wonderful retreat that is designed to balance your life through acceptance, nourishment, connection, and empowerment then click here and follow your intuition and your path to Greece

What is the cost of this amazing Greek Retreat?

Your investment is 3 payments which will be across consecutive months which doesn’t include your flight from Gatwick to Lefkada or your non-refundable deposit of £145.  All your classes, meditation and tutoring are part of your package.  Secure your place right now with your deposit and reconnect with yourself, your heart and your intuition click here to start your journey

Pilates Retreat Greece click here

  • Shared Occupancy: £1,735
  • Includes £145 non-returnable deposit
  • Plus 3 x instalments £530
  • Single Occupancy: £2,095
  • Includes £145 non-returnable deposit
  • Plus 3 x instalments £650


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  • Investment: £1,555 
  • Includes a non-returnable deposit £145
  • Plus 3 monthly payments of £450based on shared accommodation.

This payment doesn’t include your flight nor the deposit required to secure your place

  • The investment is based on a twin room – there are private rooms please email me to find out about availability
  • All your classes, meditation and tutoring are part of the package.
  • Inclusive of amazing homemade Greek vegetarian food
  • The Mediterranean diet we all love
  • Mats and equipment are supplied
  • Flights are additional

What makes a retreat so memorable and life-changing is the atmosphere and people

Greek Pilates retreat

Pilates retreat

Would you benefit from some time, of deep immersion, and gain perspective and space for yourself as well as being part of a supportive environment, connecting with like-minded people and taking time to slow things down and finding some stillness from the busyness of life?  Are you ready for some relaxation and re-charging your batteries?

Expect to shift your energy and create your very own wellbeing toolbox – look forward to an amazing Pilates retreat in Greece, positive psychology, and meditation – it’s all there for the taking! To find out more click here Retreat Day

Next steps

If you are looking to create a calmer lifestyle and attend a Pilates health retreat feel free to email me to discuss your requirements

Alternatively, if you are looking for more information check out these articles:

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