3 simple moves to free you from neck pain

Tension and stiffness in the neck and shoulders are common complaints I hear in class. And after a crazy few nights back in my youth, it is my own personal area of weakness. Whiplash from dancing – not the most sensible move and one that I am still paying the consequences for today.  You don’t just get neck issues from crazy dancing.  Pain will arise from poor posture and misaligned bodies. But interestingly tension can be created with mental stress as well. Luckily Pilates is a mind-body discipline that corrects body alignment, as well as deep centring breath that, will calm and soothe your nervous system and release tension from muscles.

One of the main reason that your neck becomes misaligned from your body is that your brain needs to keep the eyes level so if the pelvis, shoulder or hips are out of alignment, your body has to adapt. Keeping your eyes level whilst having displaced hips means that there will be more strain placed on your neck to compensate. Hence your neck tension.

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1. What restriction need releasing?

If your neck tension is a physical issue then it will be resolved with a few mechanical adjustments. A one to one session with your favoured physio or osteopath will correct muscular misalignments but between appointments or to stop them altogether, you will need to practice an awareness of your own posture. Pilates will, of course, help to maintain great balance and alignment.



2. Are you holding back?

The neck forms a bridge between your body and your head. Pain and stiffness are your body’s way of communicating with you that you are out of balance.

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Your emotions are held in your body – tension in your shoulders from an argument at work or with your partner.

Your shoulders carry the weight of your personal world relating to family and friends. Is there an emotional block that is causing you tension, a situation you can diffuse or that you are holding onto? Are you avoiding an issue? Alternatively, you are focusing on your obligations to others that you have little time left for yourself?


3. Are you releasing?

Your shoulders get tense and rigid when you are not expressing your true needs. Are you doing too much or yearning to do something different? Tension will restrict the flow of energy and result in blockages.

Muscles will tighten when you feel overburdened and you’ll create tight and knotted shoulder muscles. You’ll be aware that when you are fearful and are anxious your shoulders will be raised often without you even being aware. If this becomes a constant state, the muscles begin to lock into position making it harder to release the tension.


neck pain

Pilates restores your body and your mind

Pilates offers so many benefits for people of all ages, fitness capabilities and backgrounds.

It offers a full body workout that will challenge and transform your body, increasing your flexibility, strength and balance.

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Clients arrive with different strengths and weakness, varying postures and occupations, Pilates helps them put their tired bodies back together again.


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Find out what other clients have to say…

I finally did the ‘Back to Basics’ DVD yesterday. I really enjoyed it, the only thing missing was you correcting my positions! I particularly love how you are exactly the same on the DVD as in class, great fun and lots of helpful reminders ( for me to breathe is particularly appropriate for me!). I must have done something right as I can feel my hamstrings and abdominal muscles today, hooray! When I say ‘feel’, I mean, ‘b&@”! hell, they hurt’, ha! I will continue to practice, but would definitely like another DVD from you.

Jo Chown Teacher Back to Basics Pilates DVD - perfect for beginners 19th January 2018

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