Exercises for stronger core

Pilates is a mind-body technique it is wonderful to rebalance your mind and your body after a long hard day in the office.  Pilates has revolutionised the way exercise has been taught so much so that its principles have been incorporated into all exercise programmes. Good posture and abdominal strength benefit everyone.

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Practice Pilates and Relaxation

Relaxation and Pilates go hand in hand, the mind-body discipline allows you to remove yourself from everyday worries and concerns and the physical effort helps you to concentrate on your body.  Develop the focus to switch off your daily thoughts as your mind listens intuitively to your body.

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Here are your exercises for a stronger core, improved strength and mobility in your hips…

Enjoy x

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Find out what other gorgeous girls have to say…

I had heard about Adele from my daughter who attended one of her Pilates classes and who always came away on a Thursday evening bubbly and positive and she always spoke so positively about Adele.  I thought then that I had to get some of this positivity.

I retired from the NHS in March 2018 after almost 40 years service, first as a nurse but for 35 years as a medical secretary, nursing had to go due to a back injury.  At the time I was also in the process of selling the family home which was taking a horrible amount of time and which was traumatic as the decision to move had been a hard one in the first place.  It was where we had lived for 20 years and where my darling husband Stuart had died in my arms after a short cruel illness but one he had fought so hard against.

I was determined to try and get back to Pilates which I had not done for probably about 10 years.  I found a class on a Friday morning and signed up. Committed.

As soon as I walked into the hall I saw Adele who gave me a massive welcoming hug and made me feel comfortable, even though I felt very fat and uncomfortable! I did the class and felt very good about it, although I wasn’t, and immediately was looking forward to the following week.   By following the Adele links I thought I would take the opportunity to book a call to have a chat with Adele.  Little did I know how this would change my life.  Sounds dramatic, but it absolutely has.

Gill Fenwick Retired nurse Adele's Pilates classes 28th October 2018

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