Exercises for stronger core

Pilates is a mind-body technique it is wonderful to rebalance your mind and your body after a long hard day in the office.  Pilates has revolutionised the way exercise has been taught so much so that its principles have been incorporated into all exercise programmes. Good posture and abdominal strength benefit everyone.

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Practice Pilates and Relaxation

Relaxation and Pilates go hand in hand, the mind-body discipline allows you to remove yourself from everyday worries and concerns and the physical effort helps you to concentrate on your body.  Develop the focus to switch off your daily thoughts as your mind listens intuitively to your body.

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Here are your exercises for a stronger core, improved strength and mobility in your hips…

Enjoy x

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“Second day of doing your online Pilates and today someone else wanted to join in!  Thanks very much, I love it. Determined to get the glutes working!!”

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Emily Burgess Business Owner - Consumer Brand Marketer Pilates Online 12th February 2020

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