5 Benefits Of Regular Exercise

This blog will outline 5 benefits of regular exercise and why Pilates is such an important part of your gorgeous health journey.

Reduces the risk of osteoporosis

Osteoporosis is brittle bone disease, it can be very painful and normally occurs later o in life. However, you can avoid this painful disease by exercising.


Well up until the age of 20 bone mass is laid down in your body, this is maximised by regular exercise. he more exercise you do, up to the age of 20, the more bone mass your body lays down. However, after the age of 20 bone mass starts to deteriorate


If you carry on exercising then the bone density remains constant.

Reduces the risk of heart disease

Heart disease was originally thought to be caused by the build-up of cholesterol in your arteries. This was believed to prevent the flow of blood to and from the heart and body. However more recent research is suggesting that the blocks are created by inflammation and cholesterol is travelling tot he site of infection to heal the site.

To find out more don’t miss my blog: Let’s be clear about cholesterol

Angina is the first stage of heart disease and if left untreated it can lead to a heart attack. A good diet helps to reduce cholesterol and the cause of inflammation in addition to regular exercise


Because exercise helps to reduce inflammation and cleanse your system.


Decreases the risk of diabetes

Diabetes affects your sugar levels in your body.  It reduces your body’s ability to process sugar from your diet. regular exercise increased your sensitivity to insulin, which helps to control your sugar levels in your blood.


Improves your body composition – the way you look

Body composition refers to your body’s ratio of lean tissue to fat.  The ratio of muscle and organs to your fat distribution. If you are carrying excess fat it is detrimental to your health because of the strain on your joints and of course your organs. Being overweight also increases your risk of diabetes and heart disease. A certain amount of fat is required for energy and exercising can help to maintain an optimum amount of fat to ensure a good healthy life.


Improves your wellbeing and lifestyle

How do you feel when you have finished a class of Pilates, or a swim, or a cycle?  Hopefully, you feel fulfilled and happy?  Regular exercise has all sorts of effect so your lifestyle it will:

  • improve your sleep
  • increase your overall energy
  • increase your self-confidence
  • decreasing your stress
  • reduce your risk of illness
  • What type of exercise should I be doing?

the Health Education Authority recommends an activity level

Frequency:      At least 5 times a week

Time:               Activity should last at least 30mins

Intensity:        Make you out of breath

Type:               Pilates, fast walking, cycling, swimming, heavy gardening, badminton, add your own….

Pilates is a whole body discipline

Pilates is fundamentally about integration: integrating movement into a flowing whole body experience and integrating the mind and body to create clarity and purpose. This whole body movement is really the crux of mind-body exercise. It is not tuning out while running on the treadmill with your iPod – it is an interactive form of exercise.

By integrating your mind with your body you will rejuvenate your spirit and will be on your way to creating a life of balance. Next time you are sitting at a desk or participating in your favourite exercise notice where your body is tense and ask yourself if you can release even a little of that tension. You may find that your movements become smoother, your frustration level goes down and you can suddenly see a new way to approach the problem. This is relaxation at work!

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